Sat-UK #179 30.12.97: BR ALPHA

Sat-UK Report #179:
- BR Alpha to begin soon
tuesday 30th december 1997
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And now the news:

---------- BR Alpha to begin soon

BR Alpha, previously known as "Der Bildungskanal des Bayrischen
Rundfunks" (= Educational Channel of Bavarian TV/Radio), will begin on
Astra 1B, 11,686 V, on January 7th as expected. AstraVision has now left
this frequency, and a BR Alpha test card has appeared. It states that
programming will begin on BR Alpha at 11:40 (I didn't see whether am or
pm - I presume am), but "coverage" will begin on Bavarian TV (presumably
Bayern 3) at 11:00. Until then, Bayern 4 Klassik is being continually
played on the main audio subcarriers (7,02:7,20).

This may be the last report for 1997. If so, I wish you all a Happy New
Year right now. Let's make 1998 even better!

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