Sat-UK #178 28.12.97: ASTRA 1G - INTELSAT 803

Sat-UK Report #178:
- Astra 1G now at 19.2 east
- Intelsat 803 takes over at 21.3 west
- Eurotica Rendez-Vous' one-time fling
sunday 28th december 1997
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And now the news:

Well, I hope you all had a very good Christmas. I certainly did. In
between things, I managed to get my Nokia 9600S installed. However, my
Gregorian dish and polarized LNB are still refusing to cooperate. I get
my new 1m prime focus and universal LNB tomorrow to replace them. I
should be digital by Wednesday! Nothing new with Sirius 2, I'm afraid.
However, it seems we should be looking towards a different satellite

---------- Astra 1G now at 19.2 east
(source: alt.satellite.tv.europe)

Astra 1G has finally made it over to 19.2 with its sister satellites.
Tests are now being carried out on the 12.500 - 12.750 GHz range, which
Astra 1G will use during its operational lifetime. I haven't managed to
catch them yet, but I presume they are simply black cards. In case you
were wondering why Astra 1G started off testing at 24.5 east - it's
because it was testing the Astra 1F backup transponders, which couldn't
be tested at 19.2 east, or else they would interfere with Astra 1F.
Reception reports from Astra 1G (if you need to) are now welcome.

---------- Intelsat 803 takes over at 21.3 west

Intelsat 803 has reached its new orbital position of 21.3 west (marked
at 21.5 west with Intelsat K on the web charts), taking over from the
aging Intelsat 515. Intelsat 515 will now be moved west to serve as
Columbia 515. Reception reports from Intesat 803 are now welcome.

---------- Eurotica Rendez-Vous' one-time fling

Eurotica Rendez-Vous, which I reported on Christmas Eve, briefly
appeared on Eutelsat II-F1, 11,658 V. Since then, however, it has not
re-appeared. It is now most probable that it will not move or simulcast
on this satellite.

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