Sat-UK #176 23.12.97: RECEPTION REPORTS

Sat-UK Report #176:
- Sirius 2 info; reception reports
23rd december 1997
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And now the news:

---------- Sirius 2 info; reception reports

Not much news at the moment, but I thought I'd better give the latest
reception reports. Last time I wrote about a pattern on Sirius 2 which
I'd found - weak in the morning and strong in the evening. Here are the
replies I got:

Stoke, 1m dish, 0.8dB LNB, Pace MSS500
I concur with your pattern of reception from sirius 2: weak in the
mornings getting stronger as the day goes on strongest in the evenings.
(Philip Nixon)

20m south of Dublin, 1m dish, 0.7dB LNB, Echostar LT8700
RIK crystal clear; Sci-Fi fails to lock and TV 8 has sparklies during
the day, nothing at night!
(DT Records)

Ref my last two postings to you, i get exactly the same pattern here.
Weak i  the morning, but almost perfect during the day and evening, then
starting to drop off near shut down (about 3am). Interesting!

1.2m dish, 0.7dB LNB, Pace MSS500/Philips BBD901 (D2-MAC)
I can't say I've noticed any real problem early in the morning, it's
7:00am now and Kanal Fem has a perfect picture, as does TV8. EBN picture
quality is abysmal, but the signal strength appears fine.
(Paul Gibson)

I've finally got my Nokia 9600S and I'm trying to set it up. Trouble is
my LNB is polarized, so the Nokia can't use it properly. My Echostar
LT8700 uses a variable polarization, so I can't really change the LNB.
The satellite shop I'm using is gonna get some kind of switch for me.
Hopefully, I'll be digital soon!
Sat-UK won't be taking a break for Christmas, unlike many other mailing
lists. If you got the time, you will probably have mail on the 25th!

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