Sat-UK #174 19.12.97: TELE-X - TVS - SIRIUS 2 INFO

Sat-UK Report #174:
- Tele-X to cease broadcasting soon
- TVS soon to end
- More Sirius 2 reception reports
friday 19th december 1997
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And now the news:

---------- Tele-X to cease broadcasting soon
(source: SATCO DX)

Tele-X will stop broadcasting programmes, which now consist virtually
completely of feeds, on January 7th. Reports say that the satellite will
shut down all systems, in which case it will probably not be used
elsewhere for feeds. I'll let you know what happens.

---------- TVS soon to end

TVS Sportskanalen Danmark will soon stop broadcasting for good. The
subscriber count for the Danish sports channel has been well under
expectations, with not enough support to merit an ongoing venture. The
channel will end for good on December 30th.

---------- More Sirius 2 reception reports
(source: DR)

Thanx for the ongoing contributions. I am currently receiving the same
picture as yesterday. RIK is perfect, and the others a quite sparkly. A
lot of you have been using the name PIK rather than RIK in emails, some
of you even querying me on the name. I'll explain to those of you who
might be puzzled. 'PIK' is actually the name of the channel in Greek
letters. In Greek, the letter 'P' (rho) is the Roman letter 'R'. 'I' and
'K' are the same. Thus, in Roman letters, the name translitterates as
'RIK'. Either is acceptable, although if you follow the PIK-method, it
might be difficult to translittere 'SXF' (if it exists!). This is also
the reason why the Russian station whose name looks like 'HTB' is often
translitterated to 'NTV'. Another request: if you decide to send me
update reports, which are very welcome, could you please restate your
location, dish size and LNB filter strength - thanx. Here are the

Stirling (Central Scotland), 1.2m dish, 0.7dB LNB, Echostar 7700
Low level on TV 8 and Kanal 5 in morning, sparklies at night; RIK strong
at all times
(Bruce Petrie)

1.2m dish, Emme Esse LT Receiver
Kanal 5 and TV 8 with sparklies; PIK crystal clear
(Albert Zammit)

PIK 1 is the same strength as TV1000 on i707
(Youssouf Seedat)

East Kent, 60cm dish, 0.7dB LNB, Pace MSS100
RIK on Sirius 2 - excellent
(Gerald Tripp)

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