Sat-UK #173 18.12.97: RIK & SIRIUS 2 INFO

Sat-UK Report #173:
- RIK now on Sirius 2
- Reception reports
thursday 18th december 1997
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And now the news:

---------- RIK now on Sirius 2

RIK, the Cypriot state satellite broadcaster, has started broadcasting
on Sirius 2. RIK works like ERT International, showing portions of the
Cypriot terrestrial channels, and has been broadcasting on Eutelsat
II-F4M for some time now. However, around three months ago, rumours
began that RIK would start on Sirius 2, and so it has. What makes this
even better is that RIK (along with RIK 1 and RIK 3 radio channels) has
started in PAL/clear on 12,265 H. This puts it on the European beam,
allowing analogue only users to check out the strength of this beam.
Reception reports welcome! It's coming through crystal clear here in the

---------- Reception reports

Reports are still welcome for the Nordic beam of Sirius 2, and now I'll
be glad to take in reports on the European beam. With the switchover
from Intelsat 803 to Intelsat 605, if you want to give me reception
reports on i605, I'll put them in to! (Incidentally, in the last report
I mentioned i603 as the malfunctioning satellite - I meant of course

Nottingham, 1m dish, Pace MSS1000
Kanal 5, TV 8 and Sci-Fi Channels good; RIK reception also good
(Keving Malone)

Solihull, 90cm dish, 0.7dB LNB, Echostar LT8700
RIK reception excellent on Sirius 2
CMTE reception only very slightly scratchy on i605

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