Sat-UK #171 14.12.97: EROS TV - SIRIUS 2 INFO

Sat-UK Report #171:
- Eros TV starts pay-TV service
- More Sirius 2 reception reports
sunday 14th december 1997
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And now the news:

---------- Eros TV starts pay-TV service

Eros TV, the new French adult entertainment channel which has been
testing in the clear recently on Eutelsat II-F3, has started regular
transmissions on 11,575 V on the same satellite. It is transmitting in
D2-MAC, and is encrypted in eurocrypt s2. Eros TV plans to broadcast
purely European harcore porn every night from midnight to four am.
Subscription details not yet available, but I'll get them to you asap.

---------- More Sirius 2 reception reports

No improvement on my dish for the Sirius 2 channels - they still seem to
be very weak indeed, unlike a few days ago. TV 8 is "watery", with very
scratchy sound. Kanal 5 is dire, with more sparklies than subtitles :-),
and I simply can't lock onto the Sci-Fi Channel, surprise surprise.
Still waiting for signs of life on the European and central beams though
- hopefully they'll be much better. Here are some more subscriber
reception reports:

South Netherlands, 80cm dish, Nokia 1202E
Kanal 5 sparklie free, TV 8 even stronger
(J Wuijts)

South Derbyshire, 80cm dish, 0.7dB LNB
Kanal 5 and TV 8 with lots of sparklies
(Frederick Perkin)

Grenoble (SE France), 1.2m dish, 0.7dB LNB, Nokias SAT8001 & 9600S
SVT Europa quite good; Kanal 5 and TV 8 no picture
(Christophe Cartier)

Bicester (nr Oxford), 1m dish, 0.9dB LNB, Pace MSS508IP
Sci-Fi Channel and TV 8 lost of sparklies; Kanal 5 almost unwatchable
[Kanal 5 isn't too bad in Solihull with a 90cm - ed.]

Unfortunately, due to personal reasons, there will be no Sat-UK or
Sat-UK-Web updates tomorrow (Monday), but things should continue as
usual on Tuesday.

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