Sat-UK #169 12.12.97: MORE SIRIUS 2 INFO

Sat-UK Report #169:
- TV 8 in digital; more reception reports
friday 12th december 1997
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And now the news:

---------- TV 8 in digital; more reception reports

TV 8 has started on Sirius 2 in digital form (MPEG-2) on 12,245 V, on
the Nordic beam,of course. The symbol rate is 27500 and the forward
error correction is a strange 7/8. Thanx to John Tilley for that! Maybe
I should have pointed out to the radio fans that the Danish radio
station The Voice is on both the Kanal 5 and TV 8 analogue transponers.
Here are some more reception reports:

East Kent, 1.2m dish, 0.8dB LNB, Echostar LT8700, d-box
SVT Europe is "loud and clear"; Sci-Fi Channel is quite strong; Kanal 5
has a "good picture"
(Keith Parkhurst)

Milan (Italy), 1m dish, 1dB LNB, Pace 260
TV 8, Sci-Fi Channel and Kanal 5 in "good quality"
(Davide Manzini)

Somerset, 1m dish, Pace 508IP
Kanal 5 and TV 8 have "quite a few sparklies"; Sci-Fi Channel in and out
of receiver lock
(VC Hales)

Nottingham, 1m dish
TV 8 ok on 27MHz deviation; Sci-Fi Channel loud and clear
(Kevin Malone)

Malta, 2.4m dish, Echostar SR8700
TV 8, Kanal 5 with several sparklies; Sci-Fi Channel unlockable; SVT
crystal clear
(Ray Attard)

TV 8 (digital) has a variable signal strength
(John Tilley)

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