Sat-UK #161 01.12.97: SKY BO - SUDWEST 3 - RDV

Sat-UK Report #161:
- Sky Box Office starts on Astra
- Südwest 3 takes over from Phoenix
- Eurotica RDV moves home
monday 1st december 1997
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And now the news:

---------- Sky Box Office starts on Astra

Sky Box Office 3 on transponder 59 on Astra 1D has started showing
previews of the films to be shown on Sky Box Office. Presumably, Box
Office 1, 2 and 4 will start tonight after the regular programming on
their transponders. Just to remind you where to find the channels: Box
Office 1 is on 11,597 V (Disney Channel tp.); Box Office 2 is on 10,877
V (Racing Channel tp.); Box Office 3 is on 10,862 H (Sky Scottish tp.);
Box Office 4 is on 10,847 V (Granada Good Life tp.).

---------- Südwest 3 takes over from Phoenix

Phoenix has ceased transmissions on 10,891 H, and has been replaced by
Südwest 3 for Rheinland/Pfalz and Saarland. There is only one slot of
programming which differs on the two channels from 7pm to 10pm every
day, so this is mostly a simulcast of Südwest 3 on transponder 48, which
is the channel for the Baden-Württemburg region.

---------- Eurotica RDV moves home

Eurotica Rendez-Vous, the French porn channel, has moved home from
Eutelsat HotBird 2 and is now broadcasting on 12,265 V on Eutelsat
HotBird 3. Canal 24 Horas Internacional, which was supposed to take
Eurotica RDV's old transponder, has not yet appeared and is still
broadcasting on Eutelsat II-F1... Methinks there may be a little
problem. (Don't you always find that when a channel is meant to move on
a certain day, IT NEVER DOES?!)

REMEMBER: Astra 1G launches tomorrow night. More info tomorrow, or see

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