Sat-UK-Web Announcement

Sat-UK Subscribers,
Sat-UK-Tab Subscribers,

From this Wednesday, Sat-UK-Web and the Sat-UK-Tab text listings will
alter slightly, in that the C-Band listings will be removed. They
currently serve very little purpose, as only very few people can
actually receive C-Band transmissions in the United Kingdom (and I'm not
one of them!). Besides, most of the listings are aimed at Africa of Asia
anyway, and so are not of much interest to the general European audience
of which the two mailing lists comprises.
If you still wish to view C-Band listings, direct your browsers to SATCO
DX at http://www.satcodx.com/, which  covers the listings for all over
the world in a format not dissimilar to that at Sat-UK-Web. Don't worry
though: Ku-Band listings for all of the European spectrum will still be
covered at Sat-UK-Web, and in more detail than ANYWHERE else!
Also, one small change to the Sat-UK-Web HTML charts. I have started to
get back down to work concerning the SATCO DX SatTracker links and TSE
links. I have removed the little icons on the Astra and Eutelsat pages,
as well as the large logos - they slowed down the download time (no
complaints please - I'm not putting them back!). I will hopefully start
to add the SatTracker and TSE links for all of the other satellites this


Dominic Sedghi, Sat-UK

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