Sat-UK #132 20.10.97: SKY CHANGES - ASTRA 1K?

Sat-UK Report #132:
- Sky's changes for 1997
- Astra's new supersatellite?
monday 20th october 1997
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And now the news:

---------- Sky's changes for 1997

Recent rumours have been confirmed - two of Sky's longest running
channels, Sky Movies and The Movie Channel, will change their names at
the beginning of next month. Sky Movies, which has undergone a couple of
name changes throughout its history, will become Sky Movies Screen 1,
and The Movie Channel will become Sky Movies Screen 2. The two channels
will also get new logotypes. This is just one of Sky's "lead-ins" to
digital TV, where we can expect to see Sky Movies Screen 3, 4, etc...
The other channels will also be changing their logotypes, including Sky
1, which will bring back the alphabetical representation "one" in favour
of the current numeric "1", and the three sports channels.
Also to join Sky's digital package next year is Seasons. The
hunting/fishing channel is currently available in the CSN and DF1
packages on Astra 1E/1F, and plans to make an appearance in BIB on Astra
2A. National Geographic, which wildlife and reality documentaries, will
extend its broadcast hours to 12-hours a day in Sky's digital package.
Meanwhile, the new UKTV channels from Flextech do not look a though they
will appear in analogue on Astra after all, except perhaps UK Horizons,
and naturally UK Gold, which is there already.

---------- Astra's new supersatellite?
(source: What Satellite TV)

SES, operators of the Astra satellite system, are considering building a
new supersatellite to replaced the ageing Astra 1A, which will have to
be brought out of continuous service soon. The new satellite, dubbed
Astra 1K (what happened to I and J?) would replace Astra 1A and give
complete backup for Astra 1B, 1C and 1D. This task would be enable
thanks to the new satellite's massive capacity of between 50 and 80
transponders! It is not known, if this takes place, whether the new
satellite will carry analogue or digital transmissions, but it is likely
it will be equipped to carry digital packages sooner or later.

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