Sat-UK #122 08.10.97: INTELSAT 803 - DR DISH

Sat-UK Report #122:
- Intelsat 803 now fully operational
- Dr. Dish makes monthly appearance
- BBC meets logo opposition
wednesday 8th october 1997
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And now the news:

---------- Intelsat 803 now fully operational

Intelsat 803 is now parked at 27,5 degrees west and has completely taken
over from Intelsat 601. Some channels have had to be dropped, most
notably on the C Band, due to i803's incapacity to carry them; these
include channels such as Bop TV, Mmabatho TV and NTA 10 (Nigeria).
Reception reports have been excellent - I have also had much better
signals. The footprint is much better than that of i601.

---------- Dr. Dish makes monthly appearance
(sources: Dr. Dish, SATCO DX)

Dr. Dish will be making his monthly appearance again this Friday. The
channel usually broadcasts only from Kopernikus 2 at 28,5 degrees west,
11,550 V - 6,65 MHz. However, this month, Dr. Dish will also be able to
be viewed live via the web - good for us Brits with smaller dishes. The
URL for the live webcam broadcast is
http://www.sat-soft.com/drdishtv.html . IRC addicts can find an English
transcript of the programs live in the IRC channel #digitaltv.

---------- BBC meets logo opposition

The BBC has been criticised with fierce protests and complaints over the
new logotypes used for the corporation and the TV and radio stations.
The old BBC logo, featuring the familiar grey parallelograms and
coloured lines, has been replaced with a new logo, containing just three
white boxed with the letters BBC inside. The new channel logos are
simply made up of this, then the words ONE and TWO for the TV channels,
and RADIO 1/2/3/4/5 LIVE for the radio channels... Any views on the new
logotypes are welcome!

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