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Report #106
september 20th 1997
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And now the news:

---------- LAUNCHES
An update on some of the launches taking place within our viewing
spectrum in the near future.

Intelsat 803 will be launched on Tuesday, with a launch window of
00.58-01.47. Live coverage will be available on Telecom 2B: 3,768 R and
Telecom 2C: 12,606 V. Eutelsat's HotBird 4 launch has been delayed until
February next year.

The launches page has been updated. All information is now shown in
small fonts, except imminent launches which appear in the normal size
font to make them clear.

---------- TRAVEL
Travel has started on Sirius on 11,862 R, transmitting from 12-15 daily.
It is encrypted in eurocrypt m. However, this weekend, Viacom have
decided to transmit all of their Scandinavian channels in the clear, to
help promote the newly launched channels. All Thor I and Sirius channel
should be unencrypted.

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