Sat-UK #101: HOTBIRD 3

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Report #101
4th september 1997
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---------- HOTBIRD 3
HotBird 3 was successfully launched on September 2nd on board Ariane
V99, and will shortly be copositioned with Eutelsat II-F1 and HotBird 1
and 2 at 13 degrees east. The complete transponder list can be found at
http://www.sat-net.com/sat-uk/sats/eutelhb3.html , which also contains
future channels. Future channels planned for HotBird 3 include MTV 2
(Hungary) in analogue, ERT (Greece) in analogue, and a digital package
for Switzerland. A text file of the frequencies will be created soon and
distributed regularly via the Sat-UK-Tab mailing list.

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