Sat-UK #100: 100TH REPORT

Report from the Sat-UK mailing list:
Report #100
3rd september 1997
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And now the news:

Well, Sat-UK has managed to make it to report #100, something which a
lot of past mailing lists have not yet achieved, or failed to do. Let's
hope the future is as prospective!

---------- SKY PPV
Sky will be showing a couple of big PPV events in the near future. They
will both be broadcast on Astra 1D transponder 60, after Sky Movies
The first will be on September 16, and will feature the aid concert for
Monserrat, entitled "Music for Montserrat". The price will be, according
to Sky, an initial price of 4.95, and then a late purchase price of
6.95. Apparently, a large proportion of the PPV money will go towards
the Montserrat aid fund.
The second will be the WWF live event from the NEC on September 20,
which has not happened now for a few years. The price of this event is
as of yet unknown.

---------- ASTRAVISION
As some of you may have noticed, the AstraVision promotional on Astra 1D
transponder 57 has ceased. However, to a lot of people, what has
replaced it is unclear. It is, in fact, Sky News (!), but in digital
form. Sky News is broadcasting in MPEG-2/clear, with the parameters
SR20000, FEC3/4, and the PIDs V0200-A0280. All those with Nokia
Mediamasters will be able to catch it.

---------- EUROSPORT
Finally, all those people who liked catching EuroSport from Thor (even
though it's receivable from Astra and Eutelsat!), will be unable to tune
in for free from now on. EuroSport has reverted back to its encrypted
signal in eurocrypt m/s2.

All contents (C) 1997 Dominic Sedghi. All rights reserved.

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