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august 11th 1997
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(source: Wow Television International - UNCONFIRMED!!!)
Window shoppers get ready! A new digital TV company is set to launch in
the United Kingdom.
Wow TV International is a set of eight individual shopping channels, all
a mix between QVC and Granada Talk TV. People sit down and promote the
products, kind of like infomercials, as seen on Quantum and HSN Direct.
Each channel will feature particular retail divisions, so you know where
to go when you want a particular kind of product.
Manufacturers and distributors will also be able to send products or
products specifications to Wow TV to have them shown on the TV channels.
Already Wow TV are looking to recruit 'intelligent men and women' to be
television presenters on Wow TV. Some maybe even get to become the Wow
Girls... hmmm.
Wow TV will soon be visiting various town and city centres to promote
itself and seek new recruits. It is not yet known if this is truth or
rumour, or whether the channels will be part of BIB's or Sky's package -
probably neither.

Wow TV hopes to have its eight channels on air by this time next year.
They can be contacted at mailto:capcor@globalnet.co.uk and they have a
web page at http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~capcor/ .

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