Report from the Sat-UK mailing list:
Report #86
august 9th 1997
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And now the news:

---------- INFO
It's been quite quiet recently... I have thus had the chance to set up a
new mailing list - Sat-UK-Tab. This mailing list will operate alongside
Sat-UK but not with it - subscribers can subsribe to either list, or
Sat-UK-Tab will be a daily mailing list (except Sundays), with emailed
versions of the text frequency listings at Sat-UK-Web. The text listings
on the web can be viewed at http://www.sat-net.com/sat-uk/sats/sats.html
Different satellites will be sent out on different days. Mondays: Astra;
Tuesdays: Eutelsat; Wednesdays: Telecom; Thursdays: 5 east and 1 west;
Fridays: DFS Kopernikus; Saturdays: the rest.
The mails may be quite big, so only subscribe if you're prepared to
receive big files. I have already tried various tests - it appears that
it takes on average around seven seconds to download a normal mail at

The charts will be sent at text file attachments to the mail messages -
this enables a much easier layout and mailing process. If you can't
receive text files attachments, don't subscribe.
Sat-UK-Tab is meant to be an alternative to the web site, especially for
those people who can't access it. There will still be many pieces of
information which are on the web site alone, such as teletext,
broadcasting hours and logotypes. The email charts will include the
frequencies, channels/stations, audio, standard, encryption and
language. Hope you like it.

At the web site, I am currently quickly adding more text files and
chaging the current layout - Astra 1A-1F, the HotBirds, the Telecoms and
the Nordic satellites have curently been changed. In addition, all
satellites are now accessible on their own page - no sharing of pages
between satellites.
I shall soon remove the channel launch/end dates page, as this
information is now available on the listings pages.
Sat-UK Chat may also soon be removed. This was enable for users who
wished to chat with each other - however, very few people actually have
web access, and even fewer have Java, which is required for Sat-UK Chat.
Unless there are any objections, I shall remove it.

That's all for now!

All contents (C) 1997 Dominic Sedghi. All rights reserved.

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