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And now the news:

(source: What Satellite TV)
So what is BIB? No, it's not something you put on a baby for
dinner-time! It's Sky's new name for the upcoming digital package, in
which BSkyB, BT, Midland Bank and Matsushita have major share stakes.
After much speculation, BIB will launch via Astra 2A from 28,2 degrees
east in early 1998. It will include not only television channels
(including the current analogue services from Sky, many with extended
hours, Pay-Per-View television in the form of BOX OFFICE, and NVOD (near
video on demand)), but also Internet access, Interactive shopping and
many other options. Four different receivers will be available on the
market, from Pace, Panasonic, Amstrad and Hyundai/Grundig. All will look
different but will contain the same basic elements - a digital receiver,
28,8kbps modem and an upgradability for DTT (Digital Terrestrial
Television) later in 1998. Other than that, you'll simply need a
dual/universal LNB and a 40cm (yes, 40cm!) dish pointing at 28,2 degrees
More information on Sky's new services and channels, as well as stuff
about the receiver, can be found in July's What Satellite TV, on sale
now at 2.75UKP.

(source: various)
Finally, there are some indications as to what exactly will appear on
Thor II. Rumours indicate that popular Scandinavian channel TV Norge,
which currently transmits from Intelsat 707 in clear/PAL, will move to
Thor II, with the same clear/PAL. Joining it will be TV Danmark
(clear/D2MAC) and Sportkanalen Danmark (enc/D2MAC). Furthermore, NRK1,
which also transmits from Intelsar 707, will be available in enc/D2MAC
from 11,341 H. Other remaining transponders will carry digital services
encrypted in Conax/MPEG-2. Of the 15 transponders, 8 will be digital and
7 analogue (PAL and D2MAC).
As for requirements for Thor II, many of you may already have picked up
the black cards and tests being carried out on all of the transponders.
In fact, the UK has been fortunate! To receive Thor II, all you'll need
is a single/extended LNB and a 90cm dish! It resides, of course, with
Thor I at 0,8 degrees west. For a list of the current transponders, see
http://www.sat-net.com/sat-uk/thor.html .

(source: Sat-UK)
ANN, the Arabic News Network, has finished showing its promotional on
Eutelsat HotBird 2, 11,766 V. It has been replaced by a test card.

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