*************** SAT-UK UPDATE *****************

It is 11:53 AM UK Time as I begin to write this report. The following
information has been gathered on Project Utopia. It would appear that PU
is a massive worldwide coordination by British Airways on the day that
BA's new look is unveiled, with new adverts and logos all over the

The following updates to the previously mentioned transponders have been

10:40 AM UK Time:

- Eutel 2F2 - 11,658 V:
This transponder is carrying continual videos and feeds for BA's new
promotionals and adverts.
- Telecom 2C - tpR3 12,606 V:
Simulcast of the Eutelsat 2F2 feed.

- Telecom 2D - tpR12:
Shortly after I issued the report, this transponder started to transmits
uplinks from BA's Hong Kong OB unit.
- Telecom 2D - tpR13:
Continues with Warsaw feeds.
- Telecom 2D - tpR14:
This transponder has kicked in with feeds from Dubai.
- Telecom 2D - tpR15:
Continues with Paris feeds.
- Telecom 2D - tpR19:
Continues with Victoria Falls feeds.
- Telecom 2D - tpR20:
Continues with Bangkok feeds.
- Telecom 2D - tpR21:
Continues with Munich feeds.

At 11:20 AM UK Time the Victoria Falls feed on Telecom 2D tpR19 started
sound scambling...

If you were watching either Eutel 2F2 or Telecom 2C around half an hour
ago, you would have been seeing the latest promotionals and British
advertisements from British Airways. No doubt they will carry on
throughout the day. As I right this, the familiar Project Utopia London
test card has reappeared. It would seem that this feed is the main feed
from BA.

Thanks to two Sat-UK subscribers who have provided me with
info/responses. I won't mention names for anonymity purposes (but they
know who they are and my thanks go out to them), suffice to say that I
have information in good faith from the BBC. The following is taken from
an email to me by a BBC employee:


>You were talking about the Project Utopia feeds that you have observed.

>I work for the BBC and we are hosting to "Project Utopia" event.  It is the 
>corporate re-launch of British Airways.

>There are various satellite feeds coming into BBC Television Centre in 
>London from various airports around the world, such as Sydney, Bangkok, 

>The main event is actually today (10/6/97) and is being coordinated by the 
>BBC and Maxat.

>I hope this information helps you.

It helps me a great deal - thanks! So now with the short-term mystery of
Project Utopia solved, Sat-UK rests again for the night. If you have
access to the three satellites from which PU is being transmitted, I
suggest you take a quick peak - the new adverts are stunning (what with
all the new world symbols painted onto the aircraft - it looks like a
fleet of tropical masks!). See it first on Eutelsat 2F2 or on Telecom
2C. Alternatively, Sky News are showing this as a headline every hour -
you can get a short clip of the promo there. This reports is not being
carried via Sat-UK Plus.

That's all for now - thanks again to the contributors!

All contents (c) 1997 Dominic Sedghi. This article may not be reproduced
without consent.

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