Sat-UK: Report #59 - 10.06.97

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Report #59

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And now the news:

---------- THE BOX
(source: SATCODX)
Cable TV music channel The Box has started on Astra 1A: 11,244 H, same
transponder as Granada Plus and Granada Men & Motors. It transmits
nightly from 02.00 to 06.00 UK time. It is encrypted in videocrypt 1.
Strange that Sky hasn't made a fuss about it.

Doing my usual daily satellite check, I noticed umpteen test cards
dotted around, all referring to Project Utopia... The first was on
Eutelsat II-F2: a blue test card was present on 11,658 V and displaying
the words
'Utopia BBC/Globecast, London, Audio Present'. An audio subcarrier was
playing music and continually repeating the words ''This is BBC Max at
Globecast for Project Utopia'' or something similar.
Just a one-off I thought, but then when I turned to Telecom 2D things
got suspicious. Activity concerning Project Utopia was hot on many of
the transponders. R12 (11,472 H) was carrying a test card saying IRIB
and then some code. R13 (11,514 H) was carrying a test card saying
Project Utopia OB in Warsaw. R14 (11,556 H) was carrying just some
colour bars. R15 (11,598 H) was carrying a test card saying Project
Utopia OB, Paris. R19 (11,535 V) was carrying a test card saying Project
Utopia Victoria Falls. R20 (11,577 V) had a test card for Project Utopia
Bangkok, and R21 (11,619 V) had a test card for Project Utopia Munich.
Well, there certainly seems to be a lot of commotion about Project
Utopia, whatever it is. If anyone has any information on Utopia, please
contact. I'd love to know more about it and I'm sure that many Sat-UK
subscribers would to.

---------- UPDATES
- Astra 1C: Granada FM and SRN have startec on 10,964 (tp 33) on 7,38A
and 7,38B respectively, in ADR mode.
- Eutelsat II-F1: ABSat packages have changed and been updated.
- Tele-X: Various feeds added.

All contents (C) 1997 Dominic Sedghi. All rights reserved.

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