Sat-UK: Report #53 - 02.06.97

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Report #53

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And now the news:

English channel TAC (The Adult Channel) has restarted again on 10,788 V.
The channel began transmissions on 29th, after the Chinese Channel left
the transponder. It briefly disappeared, but is now back again,
broadcasting in parallel (ie: same times/encryption) as on transponder
11. It is expected that TAC will abandon transponder 11 soon, perhaps,
alongside the new Filmnet 1 Nordic D2MAC feed, to make way for the Dutch
Zomer TV which is rumoured to be starting soon...

---------- ELECTION '97 FRANCE
Telecom 2D was being used intensely last night on 8 out of its 11
transponders relay numerous feeds from around France for election night.
Most, if not all, were in clear SECAM. Today, the satellite is back to
its old quiet nature, with the French election over and done.

---------- CINE CINEMAS 16:9
About two months or so after France Supervision terminated D2MAC
transmission on Telecom 2A, Cine Cinemas 16:9 has done the same. The
channel used to broadcast a widescreen version of its schedule on
transponder R5 (12,690 V), and had been slated to leave for some time
now. It is now only available in nagravision/syster on Telecom 2A, or in
the CSN digital package on Astra. Canal + France 16:9, which broadcasts
in WD2MAC on Telecom 2A transponder R1, is supposed to be leaving soon

---------- INTERNAL
Thanks to one Sat-UK subscriber, who correctly pointed out that the
homepage link given to n-tv yesterday was incorrect. The link has been
removed from the chart. Intelsat 601 is scheduled to be added to the
frequency listings soon, due to popular demand.

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