Sat-UK: Report #52 (the real one this time) - 25.05.97-01.06.97

Report from the Sat-UK mailing list:
Report #52

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And now the news:

Because of the sheer volume of this report and the little time
available, there has been/will be no Sat-UK Plus Report today. Reports
continue as normal tomorrow.

-- 25.05
DFS Kopernikus 2: NAK is on 11,600 V
Eutelsat II-F1: Meteo Express has been replaced by TestTiernan
Thor II: Sky News & Documentaries and Sky Entertainment will start on
this satellite soon
Astra 1E/Eutelsat II-F3: Eurotica has a new homepage at

-- 26.05
Astra 1D: Chinese Channel has left 10,788 V
Eutelsat II-F1: Reteotto has left 10,972 H

-- 27.05
Astra 1C: SWF4 is on 7,56/ADR, Das Ding is on 7,74/ADR
Astra 1A-1D/1E/1F: Zomer TV will start on Astra in both analogue and
digital on July 1

-- 28.05
Astra 1C/Eutelsat II-F3/Eutelsat HotBird 1: Real Audio links for Das
Ding, Radio Tunis and RMF FM
Astra 1B/Eutelsat II-F3: Homepage links for n-tv, JSC, TV7 Tunisie and
Radio Tunis

-- 29.05
Astra 1D: TAC - The Adult Channel has started on 10,788 V
Eutelsat II-F1: Multivision [promo] and La Cinquieme(s) have ceased on
12,542 V
Astra 1C: Homepage links for SDR radio channels, SWF radio channels, Das
Ding and Radio FFH

-- 30.05
Astra 1D: TAC - The Adult Channel has left 10,788 V
Eutelsat II-F1: Multivision [promo] has restarted on 12,542 V

-- 01.06
Telecom 2D: All transponders execpt R20, R21 and R22 have been dedicated
to feeds of/during the French Election

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