Sat-UK: Report #36 - 09.05.97

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Report #36


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And now the news:

---------- UPDATES
The following satellites have got the digital encryption status:
- Eutelsat II-F1
- Eutelsat HotBird 1/2
The following satellites are due for the digital encryption status:
- Eutelsat II-F3
- Eutelsat II-F2
The following satellites are due for footprint additions:
- Astra 1A/1B/1C/1D
- Astra 1E/1F

You may have noticed on the Astra 1A-1F charts the digital encryption
status. As MPEG-2 channels cannot carry teletext services, this section
on the chart has been used to show whether an individual channel is
encrypted or not - represented by 'clear' or 'enc'. Those of you who
have requested the new format will receive additional graphic info.

Eutelsat II-F1: mbc has a new teletext service
Eutelsat HotBird 2: LBC Plus has been replaced by LBC Europe on 12,015 H
Astra 1A/1F: Kabel 1 has a new homepage at http://www.kabel1.de/

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