Sat-UK: Report #35 - 08.05.97

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Report #35


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And now the news:

---------- THOR 2
[information taken from Sat-ND and SATCODX]
The launch of Thor 2 has been further delayed to May 17 or 18. This is
due to an unexpectedly high amount of fuel consumption in another
previously launched satellite, one of the IRIDIUM fleet. Scientists
wanted to check this anomaly before proceding with the Thor 2 launch.

---------- INTERNAL
I'm testing a new method of dispatching Sat-UK Mail Reports using HTML,
the same code as is used to creat WWW pages. It will only work with the
latest browsers and programs, such as Netscape Navigator 2/3 and
Microsoft Mail/Exchange. This is only in the test stages at the moment,
but will allow a much more attractive, no to mention easier, report to
send out, if it works. If you would like to receive the premliminary
test reports, please send me your email address. I need some people to
check whether the method actually works. Thanx.

---------- UPDATES
The following satellites have got the digital encryption status:
- Astra 1A/1B/1C/1D
- Astra 1E/1F
The following satellites are due for the digital encryption status:
- Eutelsat II-F1
- Eutelsat HotBird 1/2

DFS Kopernikus 2: Sat.1 Baden-Wuerttemburg has been replaced by Sat.1
Astra 1C: Planet Radio has a new homepage at http://www.planetradio.de/
Eutelsat HotBird 1: Radio Asia (TV) is in the digital package on 11,304

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