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Report #W11


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And now the news:

---------- WEEKLY ROUND-UP
----- Astra 1F/2A (23.4.97):
Due to a late launch, Astra 2A will not reach 28,2e by November.
Consequently, when Astra 1G reach 19,2e, Astra 1F will be moved to 28,2e
to compensate until Astra 2A is launched and operating.

----- Channel 5 (23.4.97):
Channel 5 is now running on Astra 1D 10,921 H (tp63), 6,60 GB, 24h-GE,
videocrypt soft.

----- Sky Scottish (23.4.97):
Sky Scottish plans to extend its broadcasting hours to midnight BST/GMT

----- Website:
Astra 1A: Evosonic FM [tests] are on 11,391 H (tp13)
Eutelsat HotBird 2: ABSat promo is back
Tele-X: TVS Sportskanalen is encrypted in eurocrypt m/s2
Astra 1D: Phoenix has a logo and a homepage at
Tele-X/TV-Sat 2: 3+ has a homepage at http://www.mtg.dk/tv33.html

Also, the following satellites now have the new layout:
- Telecom 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D
- Thor
- TV-Sat 2
- Intelsat 707
Hopefully, by the time you get this, Eutelsat II-F2 and II-F4M will also
be done.

Apologies for the late weekly update. I forgot to mention that over the
weekend, the Majordomo program, which Sat-UK uses to send out mail, was
updates. Everything should now hopefully be running (even more)

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