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Report #26


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And now the news:

---------- SKY DIGITAL
Sky's digital package is now only six months away, and many channels are
trying to be included in the digital package. The following channels are
rumoured to, trying to or will be included in the package:

Sky existing channels, including Sky News.
NBC Europe
CNBC Europe
CNNI (?)
TNT (?)
Cartoon Network (?)
Bloomberg Information TV
Racing Channel
BBC Arena/Learning, BBC Horizon, BBC One-TV, BBC Style/Showcase (see
report #20)
Animal Planet
Zee TV
The Box
The Box (movies)
Cartoon 2/Warner Brothers (?)
MGM Gold
Nation Geographic (NGTV)
NBC Home & Garden
Thriller Channel (USA Network)
BET on Jazz
Knowledge TV
ITN Living History (?)
Chinese News & Entertainment
TVX: The Fantasy Channel
The Adult Channel
E! Entertainment TV
M2 (see report #8)
Sundance Movie Channel
Classic Sports
Outdoor Life
Golf Channel

Those channels marked with a (?) are very doubtful indeed. Sky's digital
package is due to launch at 28,2e on Astra 1F (see below) in November.
It will probably be encrypted, and receiver/decoders will be available
priced at about 250UKP. Expect, in addition to the above, plenty of PPV
and NVOD channels.

(source: What Satellite TV)

---------- ASTRA 1F/2A
The process of hitching up Astra 2A has been delayed - the satellite is
having trouble with its XIPS (Xenon Ion Propulsion Systems). Thus, Astra
1F will be moved to 28,2e to compensate, so that Sky's package can be
launched on time. This will take effect upon the activation of Astra 1G,
which will back up 1E and replace 1F until 2A is ready. By this time, 2B
and 1H should also be ready for launch. Confused?

(reference: What Satellite TV, source: Astra/SES)

---------- CHANNEL 5
Channel 5 has officially got underway on Astra 1D today, before 6pm BST
as expected. Channel 5 broadcasts 24 hours a day, and is encrypted in
soft videocrypt (ie: you do not need a viewing card). Sky have already
put in a bid for Channel 5's teletext service.

---------- SKY SCOTTISH
Sky Scottish plans to extend its broadcasting hours until midnight.

(reference: What Satellite TV, source: Sky Scottish)

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