Sat-UK: Report #W2 - Week ending 18.1.97

Report from the Sat-UK mailing list:
Report #W2
(sorry I'm a day late)


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And now the news:

---------- ROUND UP
Sky Logo Unencrypted (12.1.97):
The Sky Logo on tp24 was today unencrypted.

Sky Logo Encrypted (13.1.97):
The Sky Logo on tp24 was encrypted in Videocrypt 1 again today.

Pattern Found:
Apparently, the Sky Logo follows a pattern. Every Sunday for a few
hours, this logo is unencrypted. This is usually the Sky TV Guide, every
month the Sky Guide is replaced by the Logo while it is updated for the
coming month. (Thanks to Stefan Hagedorn!!!)

Filmnet 1:
Filmnet 1 has been confirmed by Filmnet/MultiChoice as leaving Astra
tp11 on April 1st. Channel 5 will take over thereafter.

Sky TV Guide Back (16.1.97):
The Sky TV Guide is back. :-)...

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