Sat-UK: Report #6 - 16.1.97

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Report #6


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And now the news:

---------- FILMNET 1
So, we have all been expecting the departure of Filmnet 1 from Astra
tp11 for some time now, which will be taken over by Channel 5. It seems
Filmnet have given an official date for their departure from Astra -
April 1st 1997. This is just two days after Channel 5 begins regular
broadcasting in the United Kingdom. So we can expect Filmnet 1 to be
here for at least another couple of months.

---------- SKY TV GUIDE
The final installment of this saga sees the familiar tp24 Sky TV Guide
return, with an all new updated promotional for February. Now that we
have the pattern sorted out (unscrambled every Sunday, same changes
every month), this will no longer be mentioned until the Guide has

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