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And now the news:

---------- PLAYBOY TV
Well, it seems Playboy TV,the adult subscription service maintained by
Sky TV, has left tp42 prematurely. The channel was slated to leave on
February 1st, and indeed did not leave at the same time as it started on
tp31. This has now left four hours free, which has been divided equally
between Bravo and HSN Direct. Bravo now broadcasts until 2am GMT, and
HSN broadcasts from 2am GMT. Bravo is still videocrypt encrypted, and
HSND clear. This move is presumably to attract more customers: some
receivers (albeit very old ones) can still not receive Astra 1C!!!

---------- SKY GUIDE GONE
If you ever tuned into Granada Talk TV or Good Life transponders, or Sky
Sports 3 out of transmission time, you will have been greeted with the
Sky promotional TV guide, giving you a suggested programme line-up and
info on the latest programmes on Sky. Indeed, this is the same guide as
that which once inhabited the infamous tp24. However, all of the Sky
guides have now disappeared, and been replaced by big Sky logos with the
addictive Sky tunes. Have Sky scrapped the idea of the guide? Are they
updating it for February? Have they got other plans? Comments welcome...

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