[SAT-UK-CLUB]: Forwarded from Hussein Munawer

Forwarded from Hussein Munawer:

Dear sir

thank you  in advance for your kind cooperation.
 I have  a problem  and looking forward for your advice if possible :
I bought a SR_ 5500 echo star satellite  receiver. The problem with this 
receiver is as following :
  1 .  the receiver is Asia version .i.e. it is designed to receive 
signals from 950 _1750  MHz  . it does not have  an internal 13 volt 
unit to shift  between 13 volt and 18 volt  in order to receive the   Ku 
and Ku wide band signals . because of that the LNBs  wide band   needs 
two voltages  13 and 18 volt .
  2 .  I have installed a C+KUfeed horn so that the receiver  should be  
able to receive Ku (950_1750mhz) signals . as when I first used the Ku 
wide band LNB  it was not able to receive, it received only the wide 
band signals.
  3 .  I consulted a technician and he  adjust the receiver by adding 
internal 13 volt unit . this adjustment, as he suggested should enabled 
the receiver  to receive the Ku signals Ku   wide band LNB . yet the 
technician made a shift on the LNB by 160 MHz to wide band and 200 MHz  
to Ku  . that from worked some how but some signals still lost  . it 
needed a shift up to 250 MHz ( type of LNB gardinar) 
  4 .  after doing the steps mentioned above the sat. TVs received on 
the wide band lost during the day time and came back again during the 
evening .
  5 .  the wide band signals (TVs) appear during the rainy weather days 
and nights , but during  the last few days I lost all  the  wide band 
signals (TVs stations) day and night even when it is rainy weather  .
  6 .  somebody told me that it could be defect  of the LNB which caused  
such problem ,others said it could be the voltage of the receiver either 
the internal 13 and 18 volt or  the electricity power (elec. Pow N/A)
  dear sir after I show the problem of my receiver the questions raised 
  Now I would be grateful if you can help me in knowing what is/are 
reason/s of this problem
 n  what is the ideal solution of the receiver  regardless of  the 
modification done (assume that there is no modification what should be 
done instead).
 n  is there any built-in  LNB  Ku  wide band. Could it be installed on 
the feed horn  to shift it to 950_1750 (original signals 950_2050 MHz) .
 n  is there any internal tuner could replace the current one of the 
ECHO STAR _SR5500 copy right 1989/ 1991 to enable the receiver  
receiving wide band and KU  signals in addition to a device that makes 
shift between 13 and 18 volt .
 n  is there any external device that could solve the whole problem  
with out any modifications being done to the receiver. 
Finally thank you for your patience to read my letter and I am sure of 
your cooperation  to solve the whole problem of my receiver  by telling 
me about the steps to be done and the spare parts to be used in full 
detail and how to obtain the spare parts or devices required
waiting for your  reply 
with my best regards

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