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sat-uk-club@tags1.dn.net wrote:
> At 18:19 03/04/98 +0200, you wrote:
> >Dom,
> >
> >sat-uk-club@tags1.dn.net wrote:
> >
> >>     The channel's news, sports, and leisure programmes were aimed
> at Scots
> >> living away from home.
> >>
> >
> >That`s funny! How could the Scots, living away from home (i.e
> abroad),
> watch the
> >channel if they cannot buy a Sky Card!
> >
> Even if they could they would need to buy the whole multi-channel
> package
> just for two hours a night.
> GT

As a Scot living "away" and already subscribing to Multi-Channels
I quite like having the "Scotland Today" prog, it keeps me in touch
with the issues that are current to friends and family so that I can
actually join in the conversations when I go back home, I was personally
hoping that the service might have been expanded further when Digital 
came along as I live in a HTV area but actually work in the Central
West area 


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