Re: [SAT-UK-CLUB]: Lt8700 + Frequency Extender.

I've seen several articles on the 8700 and universal lnbs on the online
pages of this mail list. As I'm considering buying
a secondhand 8700 to use with a universal lnb, I'm a little concerned. I
currently have an upgraded 5500 with a quad band lnb - I'm getting a
digital receiver as well and want to use a universal to have a little less
hassle in switching between the digital and analog receivers. The Echostar
5500 hasn't got tone switching :(

The gist of the other articles is that the 8700 has a 2ghz tuner and that
with a universal's high band lo of 10.6 ghz, the top of the Telecom band
can't be tuned to without a software upgrade from version 3 to version 4.
What worries me is that a software upgrade doesn't upgrade the tuner -
while the frequencies can be inputted, it seems it is relying on the tuner
to operate beyond its designed frequency range. Some tuners take this, some
don't. Does a new 8700 have a wider range tuner to work ok with universals,
i.e. is this just a problem with older ones? Does anyone who has upgraded
from v3 to v4 software still have trouble tuning to the higher frequncies?


John Rainer

>     I also use a frequency extender and have similar problems in that I
>     cannot get TF1. I used to get it but the extender must have shifted
>     frequency and I could only get France 2 and M6. I then found out
>that if I  switch it to C band with invert video ( I do not receive C
>band by the way) then scan the whole frequency band I can get Arte,
>France 3 and sometimes in best conditions, Montecarlo I think. I know
>my set up is not very well but I do not mind as it's France 2 that I
>watch most if any. 
>On Fri, 03 Apr 1998 21:44:42 +0200
>dn.net" <sat-uk-club@tags1.dn.net>
>> I have a Lt8700 3.0.
>> I use a Frequency Extender to watch some French channels up to 12650mhz
>> with a universal LNB.
>> The frequency extender is a ADX Plus.
>> The Problem is that I can watch a channel at 12732mhz (Telecom 2B
>> France3)
>> but I can't reach France 1 at 12690. ????
>> Did someone use a stuff like that?
>> How could you explain what happened?
>> Is there another extender than this one?
>> Laurent.


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