Re: [SAT-UK-CLUB]: Echostar 8700 upgrade .???

sat-uk-club@tags1.dn.net wrote:
> I don't want to use a double universal Lnb, my dish is too far from the
> receiver. (double output, double cable !!!)
> Is it a solution to upgrade the Lt 8700 up to version 4 (maybe 4.1),
> and where can I find it. ???
> Does anybody have a better solution. ?

You should be able to get v4.1 from any good satellite retailer. I got
mine from Smallword Satellites in Birmingham. They you'll need the LNB
switch of course, to use the Nokia and the LT8700 with the same LNB.
Anyway, upgrading to v4.1 will certainly solve your problem.  Dom.

Dominic Sedghi, Sat-UK
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