Sat Nordic vol. 20 97.08.04

Sat Nordic vol. 20 97.08.04

Itīs been a very, very long time since last time most of the "news" are
so new.
But let us anyway have a look on what have happened.

Thor II has now been launched is placed at 0,8 degree west. the
satellite is equipped with 15 linear (horizontal and vertical)
transponders that will be broadcasting between 11,200 and 11,450 GHz.

Canal Digital reports that the new Canal Plus channels will be
broadcasting at following frequencies from september 1.
Thor II         11,261 H: Canal + Danmark 
Thor II         11,293 H: Canal + Norge
Thor            12,015 Hc: Canal + Gul (pan-nordic version)
Thor            12,092 Hc: Canal + Sverige 

This gives the frequency chart for Thor II this line-up.
Tp.     Frequency.      Channel.
 1      11,216 V        TV Danmark
 2      11,229 H        Canal Digital
 3      11,247 V        Telenor Digital
 4      11,261 H        Canal + Danmark (from Sep. 1st.)
 5      11,278 V        Canal Digital
 6      11,293 H        Canal + Norge (from Sep. 1st.)
 7      11,309 V        You tell me..
 8      11,325 H        NRK To
 9      11,341 V        Kanal 5
10      11,357 H        NRK 1
11      11,372 V        You tell me also..
12      11,389 H        TVS
13      11,403 V        You tell me this too..
14      11,421 H        TV Norge
15      11,434 V        MTV

NRK plans to raise the license fee for 1998. The raise is said to be 35
The annual fee for 1997 is 1495 NOK. 1996 was the number of paying house
holds 1 630 000.

NRK 1 has ceased broadcasting from Intelsat 707. NRK 1 in DMAC is now
only available from Thor II 11,357 H. At the old NRK 1 transponder on
Intelsat 707 is now a digital package broadcasting. TV Finland is one of
the channels in this, it will soon be encrypted probably in Conax
(Viaccess is the system that have been claimed before). I will have the
answer very soon (before the end of the year ;-) ). 
Anyway TV Finland will charge an annual fee at 600 FIM. Two finnish
radiostations are also available at this particular transponder. Not to
forget NRK 2 is still available on both Intelsat 707 and the new Thor
II. But NRK 2 will cease on Intelsat 707 august 20 or august 31.

The launch of Telia/SVTīs "UK Gold channel" Guldkanalen (the Gold
channel) is reported to be delayed one year. This means we wonīt any old
favorites until the Authum of 1998. The channel supposed to distributed
digitally both terrestrial and on cable. 
The reason to this said to be disagreements between the both companies.

Sky Entertainment and Sky News & Documentaries has a home page at:
http://www.sky.co.uk/scandinavia . This page also contains the planned
(I noticed series like Corronation Street, Cracker and The

The launch of Sirius 2 has been delayed again, it will probably be
launched in October. SVTīs european channel SVT (4) Europa will not be
available from satellite until sometime in November. To receive SVT 4
Nokia has equipped its DVB 9600S with a Viaccess CAM-module.
A smart card is also necessary this will cost 200 SEK to buy and 1000 +
VAT per year to subscribe. For more info call +46 141 53172 or 560 60 as
I just saw was the number presented on the TV.

Danish TVS that now has moved to Thor II (11,389 H) will be free to all
Danish card owners until October 1. After this date TVS will charge 99
DKK per month.
(Source: Bo, Mogens and S Sørensen)

Richard Karlsson

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