Sat Nordic vol. 17 97.05.22 Eng

Sat Nordic vol. 17 97.05.22 Eng

Very delayed as always but here are the news in english (unfortunately 
not spelledchecked but I hope youŽll understand most of it anyway).

Three new norwegian radiostations has started broadcastings from 
Intelsat 707.
Kristen Riks Radio are broadcasting two times a day on in the morning 
and one in the afternoon. KRR is broadcasting from soudsubcarrier 7,92 
from transponder 61U (11,016 H).
The newsradio NRK Alltid Nyheter (Always News) is broadcastin in Mono 
from transponder 69U (11,679 H). NRK Alltid Nyheter is broadcasts news 
from the BBC during the night. P5 is broadcasting music 24 hours a day 
in Stereo from trtansponder 71 (11,001 V).

Radio Sweden has ceased its transmission on Astra 1C, Tele-X and on 
Sirius 1 . It is instead available from Eutelsat II-F1 10,987 V (NBC 
Europe); soundsubcarrier 7,56 MHz. 

SVT 4 which will be broadcasting in MPEG 2 from Sirius 2 will be 
encrypted in Viacess.

Swedish Cable Company will launch their new digital service this 
authum. Telia expect to be having 1 million of its total 1,3 million 
households connected (which means:  have the possibility to use the 
new services if the get the new digital decoder). By using the digital 
technique Telia will not only be able offer are larger number of 
channel with improved picture and soundquality but also interactive 
service such as games and Video On Demand. Connection to the Internet 
will also be offered. 

Netcom-owned Kabelvision has also been testing the new digital 
technique. Besides the extended program line-up the customer has also 
been given the possibility to surf on the internet. Kabelvision say 
that they will be able to offer interactive services like the one 
Telia will offer.

The new satellite Thor II was succesfully lauched 00.39 on the 21th of 
may. The new satellite that will be positioned at 0,8 degrees east 
will be operational in in June.
Sky Entertainment and Sky News & Documentaries will be broadcasting 
from Thor 2A. Both channels will be broadcasting in D2MAC and be a 
part of the CTV package.
Sky News & Documentaries  will mosttly screen documentaries from Sky 
News but the Computer Channel is also expected to join in here soon. 
Sky Entertainment will be a mix of the following channels CMT, Granada 
Good Life, Granada Food & Wine, Granda Health & Beauty, Granada Home & 
Garden and Granada Plus. 

There has been rumours that a scandinavian version of the Dutch music 
channel TMF will start transmission via Thor II this autumm [all 
comments in this matter are welcome].

SVT is expected to launch five new digital channels next year.These 
named channels are Guldkanalen (The Goldchannel), Repriskanalen (The 
Rebroadcastchannel [or something like that], Lokalkanalen (The 
Localchannel), Nyhetskanalen (The newschannel) and Arte!!. All these 
channels will be sent out digital throught the terrestrial 
transmitters. Guldkanalen is the only channel that will be 
broadcasting as a Pay-TV channel.

The two home shopping networks TV Shop and TVG has gone together. TVG 
has therefore ceased transmission on Sirius 1 and TV Sat 2. TV Shop 
are instead presented on the previous broadcasting hours of TVG.

Nickelodeon is now broadcasting its audio on two audio channels. One 
of them carries the english sound while the other track carries a 
swedish/english soundtrack. Both audiochannels are broadcasting in 

Hallmark Nordic which has been broadcastring in unencrypted MPEG 2 on 
Astra has now encrypted there signal in Irdeto. To continue receiving 
the channel you need a subscription from Multichoice. 

Telenor and Canal Plus has formed a new common company called Canal 
Digital. The new company will among other things try to introduce a 
common for the Nordic market. Those recevers that alredy has been sold 
will most likely be swithed out to the new one. since its sweem to be 
to expensive to uppgrade the hardware in them. There are curently 
three encryptingsystems in Scandinavia that I know of. These are 
Irdeto, Viacces and Conax.

One of the Filmnet-channels will split into three regional channels 
September 1 (aimed for Sweden, Denmark and Norway). Supersport will 
cease as an individual channel june 30. Supersports programming will  
instead be a part of National Filmnet versions (or Canal -something, 
that Filmnet is likely to change name to). 

The recently launced sportchannel TVS from Denmark became encrypted on 
April 15. The channel will only be available in Denmark and are free 
until september 1.  Viwers can use their exixting Multichoice cards or 
pick up a new one for free at a retailer. According to the 
medianewespaper Resumé TVS did TVS have an average of 126 000 viewers 
the first week 138 000 the second and 167 000 during the third week. 
But other sources claims that there only are 20 000 household with a 
D2MAC decoder that can watch the signal from the inclined Tele-X. I 
currently donŽt have the number of people that can watch TVS by cable. 
So it seems to me to be a very high rating for a newcommer as TVS.

Well I hope this wonŽt be a habit but this is the second time in a row 
that I celebrate my birthday in front of a computer using the 

Until next time take care!

Richard Karlsson
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