Sat Nordic vol. 14 97.03.12 - Eng

Sat Nordic vol. 14 97.03.12 - Eng

NRK in cooperation with Egmont and Nordisk (Nordic) Film will start a
new entertainment channel for children. The channel is aimed to compete
with the recently launched Nickelodeon
channel in Norway. Nickelodeon is currently broadcasting in swedish and
english via Sirius 11,862 RHCP. 

The investment company Atle has taken over the remaining 75 percent of
the Swedish cable-TV company SOL-TV (Sweden On Line). Atle had already
the other 25 percent of the company.
The deal was made with the owner, the Swedish tenant-owner“s society
Riksbyggen. The purchase-price of this 75 percent is said to be 52
million SEK (around £ 4,3 million).
SOL-TV has 185 000 households "on line" and is the fourth largest
cable-TV company in Sweden after Telia (1300 000), Kabelvision (470 000)
and Stjärn-TV (Star-TV in swedish)(217 000). (TT/S

Swedish Public broadcaster Sveriges Television (SVT) wants to raise the
terrestrial license fee with around £ 2 a year beginning 1998. According
to SVT this increase is necessary to keep a positive balance on the
broadcasting account. This is first of all an effect of the cut down of
11 percent in 1995 but the increasing number of regional produced
broadcasts has also had an effect on the economy.

Coca-Cola has decided to drop the commercials in TV 2 Norge. TV 2 will
therefor miss around £ 2,5 million. Coca-Cola will instead be
advertising in TV Norge and Radio 1. This has not been confirmed by TV 2
since the don“t make speeches about their relations with the customers.

The new commercial Radio 2 from Denmark can now be heard in stereo via
transponder 63X which are used by BBC Prime on Intelsat 707. Radio 2 is
owned by Teledanmark and TV2.
The channel is also available in MPEG 2 on 11,592 H.
(E Jespersen, S Soerensen, B Borg, P Lindgren-Kristiansen and P. H.

News channel TV8 which will be launched this autumn already has a
home page at: http://www.tv8.se . So fare is it only a presentation

According to Scantemo Kabel TV which has an advert on TV 3 DK“s text-TV
page 792, the TV-channel TV Pluss Norge will relaunch soon. The relaunch
has been made by another commercial TV-station, TV Norge and it will
probably not be available by satellite at the beginning. The new channel
will concentrate on people between 18 and 40.

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April 8.

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