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Nachrichten vom 21. Mai 1996

ORF on ASTRA: Plans, but no decisions
Austrian public broadcaster ORF has dismissed speculations claiming that
TV and radio programmes will be available on ASTRA soon. So far, no
decisions have been taken, and there are no signed contracts either.
Currently, ORF is planning to make two TV channels available on ASTRA, one
of them being broadcast in the clear. The other channel will be free for
Austrian viewers. Foreign viewers should however have the possibility to
buy a decoder or a smartcard. ORF has also ruled out that all of its radio
channels might be put on satellite. Only some of them will be available,
should the current plans finally materialise. In any case, this won't
happen before mid-1997. In the meantime, professional rumour producers
will have enough time to cash in a few more Deutschmarks for their fairy

ASTRA 1F reaches final destination
After testing around 27E, ASTRA 1F now seems to have reached its final
orbit position at around 19E. This afternoon, test transmissions could be
observed on the following frequencies: 12,071 GHz h, 12,110 GHz h, 12,265
GHz h, 12,279 GHz h, 12,468 GHz h, 12,129 GHz v, 12,263 GHz v, 12,283 GHz
v, and 12,469 GHz v. Services on SES's sixth satellite are expected to
start officially in June. Until then, expect changes in the reception
field strength of all ASTRA satellites owing to repositioning manoeuvres.
(Stefan Hagedorn/pck)

Home TV launched in India
As recently announced, Home TV has begun broadcasting on PAS 4 (68.4E),
3.837 GHz h. The channel is operated by a consortium including British
media companies Pearson PLC and Carlton Communicatons PLC, each holding a
15 percent share. Programming is targeted at wealthy Indian cable
households who make up to 25 percent of Indian television advertising
revenue. Initially, Home TV can be received in 15 million households which
don't have to pay any fees. The channel will be financed solely by
advertising revenues. 

CompuServe moves to the Internet
CompuServe will move over most of its content to the Internet by the end
of the year, as the online service's president Bob Massey announced today.
This comes by no means as a surprise: companies like Microsoft Network and
Europe Online have already given up their proprietary access software. The
Internet is hip, of course, but the CompuServe move might also be regarded
from a different perspective. To quote the May issue of the UK based
Internet magazine: "We have been inundated with complaints about the
quality of CompuServe's network recently. It seems the system is a victim
of its own success and is faltering under the weight of tons of newbies."
Which will now, of course, add to the load that's already being put on the
Internet. During the last few months, CompuServe's own network was clearly
not able to cope with the flood of users that were lured into the system
with CD-ROMs and ten-hours trials. Internet magazine recorded a downtime
average of 27.27 percent for CompuServe in the UK.
CompuServe contents will still be available through proprietary software
like WinCIM, nevertheless the company hopes to take the load off of its
own network by using the Internet. If there's any positive element in Mr
Massey's announcements, it's this: CompuServe will review its pricing

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