Major League Baseball International TV Coverage


Major League Baseball International 

Major League Baseball International will produce a live world-wide television
feed of the League Championship Series and World Series to 200 countries around
the world.

Major League Baseball International will begin its coverage by broadcasting the
American League Championship Series to its conclusion.  On site coverage then
will switch to any remaining National League Championship Series games being
played.  Early NLCS games will be available via satellite.

The LCS and World Series coverage will also mark the first time Major League
Baseball International will broadcast these games in English with a separate
international sound track.  In addition, the World Series will be broadcast live
from the sites in five different languages by six different international
rightsholders.  Covering the World Series will be NHK Japan in Japanese,
Televisa and Prime Deportiva in Spanish, TVIS Taiwan in Mandarin, and Supersport
Benelux in Dutch.

Former Major League catcher Rick Cerone and veteran commentator Gary Thorne will
call the action for Major League Baseball International's world feed.

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