Playboy coming to GLA

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Playboy coming to GLA

Playboy Enterprises, Inc. are joining forces with the Cisneros Television Group,
a division of the Cisneros Group of Companies, to launch two new television
networks:  Playboy TV/Latin America and AdulTVision/Latin America.  Both
services will be part of a new venture called Playboy TV Latin America L.L.C.
The announcement was made by Christie Hefner, chairman and chief executive
officer of PEI, and Carlos Cisneros, managing director, Cisneros Group of

The Cisneros Group of Companies, which owns and operates television stations
throughout Latin America and is a leading producer of television programming,
holds an 81% interest in the new venture.  Playboy holds the remaining 19%, with
an option to buy up to an additional 30% ownership.  PEI also will receive
license fees for its programming and royalty fees for the use of the Playboy
brand name for pay television.

Playboy and AdulTVision will be offered initially on an exclusive basis by
Galaxy Latin America. Like their U.S. counterparts, Playboy TV will be offered
as either a monthly subscription or pay-per-view service, and AdulTVision will
be offered only as a pay-per-view service.  The new venture expects to expand
Latin American  distribution of both channels to cable within a year, and then
to other pay TV delivery systems.

Jose Antonio Rios, president and chief executive officer of  Galaxy Latin
America said: As we decided that adult entertainment would be part of our 100
channel bouquet, we quickly concluded we very much wanted to carry Playboy.
Accordingly, Playboy TV/Latin America and AdulTVision/Latin America are the only
adult networks Galaxy Latin America will carry.  These two services are among 19
that we are planning to add to Galaxy Latin Americas offerings before the end
of the year.  

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