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TCI Reports Second Quarter 1996 Results

Tele-Communications International, Inc. announced that the
Company's net loss for the six months ended June 30, 1996
was $71 million, compared to $46 million for the same period
in 1995.
The increase in net loss was primarily due to an increase
in the Company's share of losses of TeleWest and other
affiliates. The loss was offset by the positive inclusion of
the results of CableVision S.A. ("CableVision") which was
acquired in April 1995.

Highlights of the report
         Jupiter Telecommunications Co. Ltd. , the leading
multiple system cable television operator in Japan is a
joint venture between TINTA and Sumitomo Corporation.  As of
June 30, 1996, Jupiter had interests in almost 2 million
franchise homes, more than trebling the number of franchise
homes held a year ago.  An interest in an additional 367,000
franchise homes is in the process of being acquired from
Sumitomo and applications for franchises representing a
further 472,000 homes are awaiting ratification from the
Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.  These additional
homes, upon receiving ratification would bring the total
franchise homes to almost 3 million.
     In a test market involving over 4,000 apartment
buildings with 60,000 units, where Jupiter pays for the
wiring and charges a reduced installation fee, subscriber
penetration increased from 5% to 28%.
     Earlier this year, Sumitomo and TINTA announced the
formation of a new joint venture to create Japan's first
multi-channel programming company, Jupiter Programming Co.,
Ltd. (JPC).  JPC expects to launch three channels in the
fourth quarter of 1996 and an additional four channels next

         TINTA owns 51% of CableVision, one of the leading
cable television operators in Argentina.  As of June 30,
1996, there were 450,000 subscribers. Operating Cash Flow
for the six months ended June 30, 1996 was $37 million. This
represents an increase of 23% over the comparable period in
1995.  The increase was generally due to subscriber growth
and improved cost controls.
         TINTA has a 10% interest in the Latin American DTH
platform with News Corp, Globo and Televisa.  The launch of
the Brazilian platform is scheduled for October 1996.  The
Brazilian platform, called NetSat Servicos Ltda,
successfully completed a $200 million debt offering in July.
The Mexican platform and the multi-country platform are
scheduled to launch in 1997.

                           NEWS IN BRIEF

-    Carlton Communications PLC will launch a food-dedicated
 channel (Carlton Food Network) on Sept. 2 in the UK.

-    EchoStar has added a Spanish language tier of
 programming services to the DISH Network lineup. The package
 includes Telemundo, Prime Deportiva and MTV Latino and will
 retail for $4.99 per month.

-      Sky Television announced it will televise England's
 first two World Cup qualifiers live from Moldova on
 September 1 and Georgia on November 9, and will also launch
 live coverage of the Spanish League starting in September.
 Sky Sports 3 is now available with sports coverage from
 Thursday through to Sunday night.

-      Some more news this week regarding the BBC. The BBC
 is holding talks with Flextech a subsidiary of TCI to buy
 part or all of satellite channels UK Gold and UK Living.
 Included in the venture could be up to six new cable and
 satellite channels, some or all of which could be available
 on DBS systems world-wide.

                        LAUNCHES THIS MONTH
                 Sep 10: Echostar 2 Ariane 4 Launch

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