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International .......

Expansion For  BBC World

BBC World will launch 24 hours a day in Latin America from September
1 on Galaxy Latin America.  GLA covers 45 countries in Latin America
and the Caribbean.  BBC World is currently available in 43 million
homes in 111 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australasia
but not the U.S. yet.  Rumours surfaced last month that BBC World is
talking to U.S. DBS suppliers and the service could be available by
this Christmas.

Arianespace Books First Launch For Singapore And Taiwan 

Matra Marconi Space, Singapore Telecom and Chunghwa Telecom of
Taiwan have selected Arianespace to launch the two countries first
telecommunications satellite.

Armand Carlier, Chairman and CEO of Matra Marconi Space and Francis
Avanzi, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of
Arianespace signed in Evry, France, the launch contract for the ST-1
telecommunications satellite.  The satellite is being built and
launched for Singapore Telecom and Chunghwa Telecom Co. Ltd. of
Taiwan.  The launch of ST-1 is scheduled for early 1998 from the
European Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana.
Underscoring the importance of this contract, Francis Avanzi, COO
and Executive Vice President of Arianespace stated, This contract
marks the entry of two new Asian operators, Singapore Telecom and
Chunghwa Telecom, into the world of space communications.  Through
Matra Marconi Space and Arianespace, Europe has been able to earn
the trust of these two organisations.

        Matra Marconi Space won the prime contracting job for ST-1
in April 1996.  The EUROSTAR class satellite and its payload will be
manufactured by the European firm.  Weighing over 3,000 kg (6,600
lb.), the satellite will have a total power of greater than 6.5 kW
and a design life in orbit of over 12 years.  ST-1 is equipped with
16 high-power Ku-band and 14 C-band transponders.  Its coverage zone
extends from the Middle East to the Far East.

CNN International And American Airlines

CNN International will launch a new program sponsored by American
Airlines tailored for international business travellers and CNNIs
global audience interested in American news.  The 15-minute show,
called AMERICAN EDITION, will be produced by the CNNI news operation
and will feature United States news, business and weather reports.
American Airlines will be the exclusive airline sponsor of the
program.  AMERICAN EDITION will premiere on September 2 and be seen
world-wide across all of CNNIs regional program feeds.  It will run
Monday through Friday three times each day to ensure prime day-part
exposure in each region.

Apstar 1A now operational

Apstar 1A started service August 1.  China has rented eight
satellite transponders from Hong Kong Asia-Pacific Telecommunication
Company, the owners of the satellite.  The eight transponders will
replace the ChinaSat-5 by providing television broadcast services
for CCTV, and television stations in Shandong, Zhejiang, Sichuan
provinces and Xinjiang and Tibet autonomous regions.

Gilat Satellite to use Amos

Following Gilats demonstration of Internet access via satellite in
Singapore, the company intends to launch a country-wide trial in
Israel starting in September.  GCE and MOST, the national
multi-media consortium headed by Gilat, will provide up to 100
participants with 2-ft. antennas which will allow users to access
the Internet at speeds of 128 kilobits per second, using the
countrys recently launched Amos satellite.  The pilot, which is
planned to run for at least a few months, will demonstrate the
ability of a medium-sized VSAT network to provide sustained Internet
access, and will help gauge customer satisfaction.

Chinese company to buy eight satellites

The Land Economic Group plans to buy up to eight satellites before
1999 in part with money raised through a planned share issue on the
Hong Kong stock exchange.  The group owns four Russian-made GALS
communications satellites, two of which were launched from
Kazakhstan.  GALS-III and GALS-IV are due to be launched also from
the Kazakhstan space centre, probably in 1998.  GAL-II is leased for
$9 million a year to Global DBS Co., whose shareholders include
Loral Corp., General Instruments Co. and TCFI Cable TV Co. of the
United States and General Telecommunications Ltd/Asian TV network of

North America .......

WRAL-HD using Andrew antenna and transmission line 
WRAL-TV, the U.S. first experimental commercial high definition
digital television (HDTV) station is using a customised version of
the Andrew ALP Series UHF-TV transmit antenna and HELIAX
transmission line.

The new station's effective radiated power is 100 kilowatts with the
antenna at 1,750 feet.  Full operation will follow a period of
testing the Grand Alliance HDTV system recommended to the FCC by the
Advisory Committee on Advanced Television Service and as documented
by the Advanced Television Systems Committee.

    Channel 32 will continue to make technical measurements of
digital signal propagation and test coverage of the
Raleigh-Durham-Fayetteville area.  Signal testing will continue
until spring of 1997 when actual broadcasts of regularly scheduled
programming will begin.  High definition television sets are
expected to be available to consumers in 1997.
 The Chelsea Flower Show  On HGTV

               Home & Garden Television will present The Chelsea
Flower Show on HGTV Sunday, August 11, 1996 at 9:00 p.m.  (ET).  The
Royal Horticultural Society's Spring Show, known as the Chelsea
Flower Show, took place in London in late May and was an attraction
for 170,000 people.

    The Chelsea Flower Show, independently produced by Catalyst
Television, takes viewers behind the scenes with RHS Director
General Gordon Rae to follow the build-up of the final three weeks
when hoards of contractors and designers transform the grounds of
the Royal Hospital at Chelsea.

    This is the first time the BBC has licensed this program to a
U.S. cable network, and HGTV will have exclusive U.S. cable rights
to the program.  In addition to the August 11 premiere, The Chelsea
Flower Show may be seen in encore presentations on HGTV on Friday,
August 16 at 10:00 p.m.  (ET) and Saturday, August 31 at 5:00 p.m.

Boxing on USSB

The Seldon vs.  Tyson WBA heavyweight championship match will be on
USSB pay per view on September 7, and there will be insiders view
of what goes on before and after a championship boxing match.

The coverage includes a 26-hour preview program from Las Vegas and a
pre-fight press conference, along with an exclusive,
behind-the-scenes look at the making of a Mike Tyson event, produced
for DSS owners by U.S. Satellite Broadcasting.  U.S.S.B. coverage
starts at 8 p.m.  EDT September 5 with the pre-fight press
conference.  The preview program begins at 7 p.m.  EDT September 6,
and the fight is at 9 p.m.  EDT on Saturday, September 7.  Only U.S.
Satellite Broadcasting customers who order the event on pay per view
will see the live post-fight press conference, which immediately
follows the event .  It will not be carried live on any other

U.S. Satellite Broadcasting is offering the Seldon vs.  Tyson
heavyweight championship on channel 900 for $39.95 to customers who
order using the DSS remote control and for $49.95 for customers who
order via phone.
Dish Network Introduces $199 DBS System Nation-Wide

    EchoStar beginning this month will offer its DISH Network's
18-inch digital satellite system nationally for a retail price of
$199 when the customer purchases an annual programming package.
    The new pricing will be available with a one-year, $300
subscription to America's Top 40 programming package, with over 40
of the most popular television channels, including The Disney
Channel, and DISH CD with 30 channels of CD-quality music.

    Along with the $199 price for the infrared Standard system,
EchoStar is offering the UHF Premium system for a retail price of
$299 with the purchase of the same annual programming subscription.
The UHF system has a dual output LNBF available for viewing
different satellite channels on two TVs and a remote that allows
operation of the satellite receiver through walls and other objects.

    EchoStar recently introduced a lower cost, more fully featured
second generation DISH Network set-top digital receiver, using the
same state-of-the-art, fully MPEG-2/DVB compliant technology as
provided in the first generation boxes.

    " We test marketed our $199 promotion in areas that were
strongly affected by rising cable rates," said Carl Vogel,
president, EchoStar Satellite Corporation.  "The retailer and
consumer response to this was so overwhelming, we decided to offer
the promotion nationally for the remainder of 1996."

EchoStar Demonstrates New Applications Software 

EchoStar and Intel have completed a successful demonstration of new
connected PC applications.  This is a new category of software that
matches client-based enriched media content with real-time
information from connected sources.

A symposium showcased Intel's ideas for efficient bulk delivery of
content via CD/DVD, time shifted delivery via the telecommunications
network, broadcast over satellites such as EchoStar I as well as TV
networks.  These capabilities in conjunction with Internet updates,
represent a new paradigm for content design and delivery.

    EchoStar supported the demonstration at Intel's symposium by
downloading a 23 Mb multimedia magazine application over the
EchoStar I satellite using the world standard MPEG-2/DVB
transmission formats.  This file was received by a PC card currently
in development by ComStream and installed in a multimedia PC.  This
end-to-end system represents a simple but effective illustration of
the benefits of broadcasting multi-use files over the high bandwidth
of satellite distribution.
LSI Logic Delivers MPEG-2 Consumer Quality Video

LSI Logic Corporation announced the reference design for a PC add-on
module based on its highly successful MPEG-2 decoder chip (L64002)
already widely used in popular digital TV set-top boxes.  The module
can decode satellite, DVD, and other encoded streams of compressed
MPEG-2 digital data for display on the PC monitor.  A reference
design kit is offered to PC OEMs, graphic add-on card manufacturers,
and other companies interested in adding MPEG-2 capabilities to the
PC platform.

Leading PC OEMs and graphics add-on card companies are adopting the
MPEG-2 multimedia standard to add DVD and other digital
entertainment resources for the personal computer.  LSI Logic is
already working with PC graphics leaders like Cirrus Logic to enable
consumer quality video and audio for the PC. LSI Logics MPEG-2
reference design module, which incorporates the Cirrus Logic
CL-GD-5446 Visual Media Accelerator, allows our customers to rapidly
develop a complete high-quality audio and video playback solution
for a new class of consumer video applications, said Jim Fontaine,
vice president of Product Marketing for Cirrus Logics Graphics
Company. In addition to implementing the advanced video
technologies of both companies, this design is based on an open
architecture, using VMI and VPM standards, for easy, cost-effective
integration into any desktop PC.

Dubbed Scenario, the LSI Logic Reference Design Kit and Module
allows companies to introduce MPEG-2 products at the Fall Comdex 96
show in November.  The VM102 is the first in the Scenario Reference
Design family, providing high quality digital MPEG-2 video and
MUSICAM audio capabilities that can be added economically to the PC.
The Scenario reference design is based on an open architecture, the
Video Module Interconnect (VMI) industry standard is promoted by
VESA (Video Electronics Standard Association) and a number of
leading PC graphics chip vendors.

The VMI module interfaces directly to the PC graphics system via a
daughter-card.  The MPEG-2 digital video stream is fed directly into
the PCs graphics accelerator, eliminating the need for a separate
expansion slot on the PC bus.  LSI Logics MPEG-2 VMI module
reference design kit that allows the PC to display MPEG-2 video
while playing MUSICAM or AC-3 surround sound audio from a DVD-ROM,
satellite, or other sources.
DISH Network passes 100,000 subscriber milestone

The DISH Network has reached 100,000 customers in a record seven
months since the launch of EchoStar I, from Xichang, China, on Dec.
28, 1995.  EchoStar, on this record-setting pace, is the fastest
growing Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) provider.

EchoStar is growing fast, and we look forward to an escalating
growth curve with the launch of EchoStar II on Sept.  10, 1996,
said Charlie Ergen, chairman and chief executive officer, EchoStar
CBS Telenoticias Launches Via GLA

CBS TeleNoticias will enter the DTH satellite television market with
the launch of the 24-hour Spanish language news network on the
DIRECTV service provided by Galaxy Latin America.

The DIRECTV service, which launched in Venezuela on July 18, and is
scheduled to begin service in Brazil and Mexico in early August, is
the first service to offer DTH satellite television entertainment to
Latin America and the Caribbean.  CBS TeleNoticias became available
to DTH subscribers since the first day of DIRECTVs service.

Currently, CBS TeleNoticias reaches more than 20 million homes in
22 countries via cable and broadcast, said Mr. Soule. It is our
goal to bring our quality news service, which was recently named
the most viewed and most preferred pan-regional news network in
Latin America, to every Spanish-speaking home in the region.  CBS
TeleNoticias distribution via DIRECTV is another step in reaching
that goal.

CBS TeleNoticias, is owned by Westinghouse/CBS.  The networks two
lead anchors, Raul Peimbert and Denisse Oller, present three nightly
live half-hour news programs that focus on breaking news relevant to
Hispanics around the world.  Galaxy Latin America (GLA) is
partnership between DIRECTV International, Inc., a Hughes
Electronics company; Venezuelas Cisneros Group of Companies;
Brazils Televisao Abril and Mexicos MVS Multivision.

Europe .......

Kirch's launches DF1

    The German media giant, Kirch Group, launched DF1 on July 28
with the transmission of the Formula 1 Grand Prix races held in
Mochenhum, Germany and with an initial offering of 17 additional
television and radio channels.

    The new digital technology allowed Grand Prix viewers to follow
the races from five different camera angles on five separate
channels, using the new electronic program guide, T.O.N.I. (Tele
Online Navigation Instrument).

    BetaDigital, a newly founded Kirch Group company, provides the
digital technical service for DF1, by employing TV/COM's Compression
NetWORKS, the world's first DVB-compliant MPEG-2 system digital
video compression system.  Unlike proprietary systems, Compression
NetWORKS provides an open standards based platform that ensures that
current equipment will be fully interoperable with future source,
editing, storage, broadcast and consumer equipment.

Miscellaneous .......

News IN Brief

 	The People's Insurance Property Co. (China) signed US$ 220
million worth of contracts on Dongfanghong 3 and ChinaSat 7
communications satellites to be launched later this year.
Dongfanghong 3 is insured for US$ 100 million and ChinaSat 7 for US$
128 million.

	TDH (Televison Directa al Hogar), which operates a direct to
home television service in Argentina, has contracted the services of
the satellite communications company Nahuelsat to cover Argentina
and other areas in South America.  Nahuelsat has taken a stake on
TDH teaming with La Nacion, G3, and Paracom Satelites.

 	Radiomensaje, the pagers subsidiary of BGH group (Argentina) has
started to offer a nation-wide satellite coverage for its
subscribers.  The service is provided through Radiollamada which
receives and transmits satellite signals in the main cities.

    	Daimler Benz Aerospace has decided to keep the partnership
in the consortium teaming Itamarati and Splice to compete for
cellular telephone services in Brazil.  However, it will also seek
partners to bid for the supply of satellite services.  The Brazilian
government will offer 12 orbit positions, and plans are to develop a
project for one of them.  There are several alternatives for
Daimler, including to partner with Embratel (Brazil) or Nahuelsat

 	Orion Network Systems, Inc. announced revenues from video
communications services and transponder capacity leasing increased
more than 80% to $6.1 million for the second quarter of 1996 from
$3.4 million for the same period in 1995.  Orion 1 showed its first
full quarter of positive EBITDA in the second quarter.

 	Within two months Abril will launch in Rio de Janeiro its direct
to home satellite television system Direct TV.  Direct TV is
operating on an experimental basis 45 video channels, but its 30
audio channels were not allowed by the Ministry of Communications so

 	Nostalgia Television (U.S.) announced the initiation of an
original series of free political broadcast opportunities for
presidential candidates:  Nostalgia Television's Presidential
Candidate Forum.  The series of six original half-hour shows,
debuting in September after the national conventions, will focus on
one issue per program, with free broadcast time equally divided
between candidates, rotating their order of appearance from program
to program.  Each candidate will have complete control over the time
allotted, with the only content provision being that each candidate
must use the time to address the specific issue to which that
program is dedicated.
 The Golf Channel announced an agreement with Fox Television on the
sale of 33% of TGC's total stock outstanding.  Also, in October TGC
will begin transmission of a digitally compressed signal to its
overseas partner in Japan from the Orlando-based studios.  The Japan
launch has prompted current expansion of the network's 44,000 square
foot facility and will bring an increased employee-base for
translating, dubbing voice-overs and editing.

DTH Transponder Charts.......

Galaxy Latin America (Galaxy 3R)

Channel						Service
AS							General
CineLatino					Spanish Films	Spanish
KID							Children
MultiCinema	Intl. 			Films			Sp. / Port.
ZAZ							Family
Zeta						Entertainment	Spanish
Venevision International	Superstation	Spanish
Televen International		Superstation	Spanish
Bravo Brazil				Arts			Portuguese
ESPN Brazil					Sports
MTV Brazil					Music
RBN News					News

DirecTv/USSB (Direct 1-3)

Channel	Service	Channel	Service	Channel	Service
100-199	Pay Per View Movies		271	Encore		331
Prime Spts West
202	CNN							272	Encore
Love	332	Spts Ch Pacific
203	Court TV					273	Encore Western
401	Spice
204	Headline News				274	Encore Mystery	402
206	ESPN						275	Encore Action
500-529	Format Music (DMX)
208	ESPN 2						276	Encore True
960	TV Land
212	TNT							277	Encore
WAM	963	All NewsChannel
213	Home Shopping Net			282	CBS East	965
214	HGTV						283	CBS West
967	Lifetime
215	E!							284	NBC East
968	Nickelodeon
216	MuchMusic					285	NBC West
970	Flix
217	BET							286	PBS
973	Cinemax
220	Turner Classic Movies		287	ABC East	974	Cinemax 2
222	History Channel				288	ABC West	975
Cinemax West
223	Disney						289	FOX Net
977	The Movie Channel
224	Disney 2					298	TV Asia
978	Movie Channel West
225	Discovery					303	NewSport
980	HBO
226	TLC							304	Golf
Channel	981	HBO 2
227	Cartoon Channel				305	Classic Sports	982
229	USA Network					306	Speedvision
983	HBO West
230	TRIO						307	Outdoor Channel
984	HBO 2 West
232	Family Channel				309	Spts Ch New Eng.
985	Showtime
233	WTBS						310	MSG
986	Showtime 2
235	Nashville					311	NESN
987	Showtime West
236	CMTV						312	Spts Ch  NY
989	MTV
240	SCI-FI						313	Empire Sports
990	Comedy Channel
242	CSPAN-1						314	Spts Ch Philly
995	Sundance Channel
243	CSPAN-2						315	KBL
999	USSB Preview
245	Bloomberg Direct			316	HTS		
246	CNBC						317	SportsSouth

247	America's Talking			318	Sunshine Network

248	Weather Channel				320	PASS		
250	Newsworld Itl.				321	Spts Ch Ohio		
252	CNNI / CNNfn				322	Spts Ch Cinci		
254	Travel Channel				323	Spts Ch Chicago		
258	Bravo						324	Mid West Spts

266	Independent Film Ch			325	Prime Spts SW		
269	STARZ-E						326	Prime Spts I-M W

270	STARZ-W						330	Prime Spts NW

Hotbird (Eutelsat)

Channel			Frequency	Polarity	Audio	
EBM		   		11.262			H		7.02
VH 1 Germany	11.242			V				PAL
Rai Uno			11.363			V
Rai Due			11.446			V
Canal Horizons	11.408			V				PAL
Eurosport		11.387			H	Various		PAL
Dubai TV		11.513			H
TV5 Europe		11.323			V		6.60	PAL
MCM				11.304			H
TV Polonia		11.471			H
Polsat			11.428			H
Sci Fi			11.283			V
TVE Int.		11.222			H		6.60	PAL
TM3				11.345			H
CLT				11.492			V
ART 5			11.534			V		6.60	PAL
Echostar (EchoStar 1)
102	USA Network  					401	Golf Channel
104	Comedy Central       			500	 PPV 1 (events)
106	TV Land							501	PPV 2
108	Lifetime						502	 PPV 3
110	 TV Food Network    			503	PPV 4
112	Home and Garden Network			504	 PPV 5
114	E! Entertainment Television  	600	RAI (Italy)
118	Arts and Entertainment     		602	ART
120	 History Channel				604	ANT-1 Greece
122	Sci-Fi Channel           		700	Preview Channel
132	Turner Classic Movies    		900	 Business TV
138	Turner Network Television   	901	Business TV
140	ESPN        					950	Young Country
141	ESPN Alt						951	Country
142	ESPN2  							952	 Country
143	ESPN Alt						953	Jukebox
160	M-TV  							954	 70's
Song Book
162	VH-1    						955
Foreground Music
166	 Country Music Television 		956	Adult Contemporary
168	The Nashville Network			957	Album Adult Alternative
170	 Nickelodeon     				958	  HitLine
172	 The Disney Channel     		959	Classic Rock
176	The Cartoon Network       		960	Modern Rock
178	The Learning Channel    		961	 Hard rock
180	The Family Channel     			962	Hip Hop
182	The Discovery Channel    		963	 Urban Beat
200	 Cable News Network         	964	Latin Styles
202	 Headline News 					965	 Fiesta Mexicana
204	 Court TV             			966	 Eurostyle
206	  CNN International / CNNfn  	967 Mainstream Jazz
208	CNBC          					968	Contemporary Jazz
210	CSpan            				969	 Expressions
214	The Weather Channel        		970	Contemporary
220	 The Travel Channel          	971	Symphonic Classical
226	QVC Shopping Network       		972	 Light Classical
230	TBS          					973	Beautiful Music
232	 KTLA, Los Angeles     			974	 Mature Vocals
234	WPIX, New York          		975	 Contemporary Christian
240	 WGN, Chicago               	976	 Children's
241	WNBC-TV, New York (NBC)      		
242	KNBC-TV, Los Angeles		
243	WRAL-TV, Raleigh (CBS)      		
245	WJLA-TV, Washington (ABC)     		
246	KOMO-TV		
247	 FOXNet   		
249	 PBS    		
260	 Trinity Broadcasting Net         		
261	 Eternal Word TV Network    		
300	HBO East       		
301	HBO 2 East                 		
302	 HBO 3 East             		
303	 HBO West       		
304	HBO 2 West		
310	Showtime 1		
311	Showtime 2		
312	Showtime 3		
320	Cinemax 1		
321	Cinemax 2		
322	Cinemax 3		
330	The Movie Channel East		
331	The Movie Channel West		

AlphaStar (Telstar 402)
Channel	Service	Channel	Service	Channel	Service
	Alpha Preview Channel		HBO			Showtime
	Arts & Entertainment		HBO 2		Showtime 2
	Cartoon Network				HBO 3		Showtime West
	Comedy Central				HBO West   	The Movie Channel
	Country Music TV			HBO 2 West 	Movie Channel
	Disney (E) 					Cinemax		
	Disney (W)					Cinemax 2  	Sundance
	E! Entertainment			Cinemax West  	Golf
	Family Channel				Encore
	Lifetime					Encore +
	MTV 						C-SPAN		
	Nickelodeon					CNN
	Sci-Fi						CNNfn		Liberty
	The Nashville Network		Court TV		Classic Sports	
	Turner Classic Movies		Discovery Ch   	Regional Sport Ch
	TNT							Headline News

	TV Land						History Channel		
	USA Network					Learning Channel

	VH-1	  					 NewsTalk		


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