SAT Observations 97.02.05

A news release from Cairo, Egypt, located at 30.3 North - 31.15 East,
sponsored by TELE-satellit, SATCO-DX and TBS Internet.
- Satellite and Transponder Observations in C- and Ku-Band,
- Commented from the Middle Eastern perspective.

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- New on Express 6
- Ceasures on PAS-4 ?
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Just a little explanation, for all new readers of the SAT-MidEast

The URL after the satellite's name leads to the corresponding SATCO-DX
chart, with detailed information on all active transponder and available
channels of this peticular satellite. This service is only made
available for ease of use by the readers, no commercial backgrounds are
intended nor excisting.

EXPRESS 6, 80 East, http://www.satcodx.com/e6.html
Some test cards could be observed on 3.986 GHz, Rc, with a sound carrier
on 6.60 MHz (!). Initially the standard Russian card was shown, later a
blue-band card. On the Russian card was, instead of the digital clock, a
6-letter name in Kyrillic, visible : "M O N I O N - TB", whereby the
letters "N" have to be mirrored in Kyrillic and the letter "I" had a
little hook to the right on top.
I don't have any Russian font installed, therefore these obscure

PANAMSAT 4, 68.5 East, http://www.satcodx.com/pas4.html
Transmission for the Iranian broadcasts of "Sima-yeh Moghavmat" (Vision
of Resistance) has been observed on 4,036 GHz, H, in the late evening of
Februray 4 and a blue-band testcard early morning of the 5th.
Soundcarriers can be found on 6.60 and 7.20 MHz. Transmitted is the
Persian language: Farsi.
(C) SATCO-DX (4/2) and SAT-MidEast (5/2).

Anybody knows what happened to the ABN India channel on 3.785 GHz, H,
and the Sony Entertainment channel on 3.910 GHz, H ? Both dissappeared
today and transponders have been powered down. Have they ceased or is it
a temporary up-link problem ?

TURKSAT 1C, 42 East, http://www.satcodx.com/t1c.html
Transponder 12, 10.968 GHz, H, was activated for a Muslim religious
feed, honouring the nightly prayers of the 26th of Ramadan.

Comment: Live prayers from Mecca for the same occasion, could be
observed throughout all Arabic channels as well, on Arabsat 2A and
Eutelsat II-f3.

GORIZONT 31, 40 East, http://www.satcodx.com/g31.html
During the last two days a religious christian broadcast could be
observed on 3.675 GHz, Rc, after the closure of RTR. On the first day a
channel name could be observed (Kyrillic: APT) or ART (not identical
with the Arabic broadcaster of the same name). The same sound
frequencies as RTR were used.

HOT BIRD 2, 13 East, http://www.satcodx.com/hb2.html
The AB-Sat promo channel was, against other announcements, still pretty
active today, on transponder 52, 11.766 GHz, V. Be sure, it will cease
anyway, soon.

INTELSAT 707, 1 West, http://www.satcodx.com/i707.html
Transponder 111X-A , 10.968 GHz, V, has been active all night for the
feeds from IBA-1 during the rescue operations of the unfortunate
helicopter incident in northern Israel.

AMOS 1, 4 West, http://www.satcodx.com/amos1.html
Due to the earlier mentioned incident, Amos had several transponders on
the Israel beam powered up during the night and early morning.
Feeds could be observed on:
transponder 4L, 11.468 GHz, V, for IBA
transponder 4U, 11.510 GHz, V, for IBA
transponder 5L, 11.552,GHz, V, for IBA (Testcard reading "RAKEFET 2")
All soundcarriers have been on 6.60 MHz.

PANAMSAT 3-R, 43 West, http://www.satcodx.com/pas3r.html
Three different transponder feeds visible at one given time, almost too
much to be hoped for...  ;-)
"Equitable" had a feed today on 12.701 GHz, H, in NTSC, snd on 6.60 and
7.20 MHz.
Two "Panamsat" colorbar test cards in PAL were visible at 12.699 GHz, V,
and 12.577 GHz, V, whereby the last one was quite powerful and strong in
reception. Sound carriers have been observed for both transponder on
6.60 anf 7.20 MHz.

Best regards,

Henk C. Room / Sat-MidEast / Cairo - Egypt

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