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This report includes some observations from 23/01/97.

The on 22/01 revised schedule of ILS (International Launch Service)
showes a launchdate for the Eutelsat W24-f1 for December 10th, 1997 with
an Atlas IIA (AC-130), although an alternative launch of an Atlas II
(AC-109) with MLV7 has been scheduled, while doubts exist about the
timely readiness of the W24 satellite.

EXPRESS 6, 80 East, SATCO-DX: http://www.satcodx.com/e6.html
An empty carrier could be observed today on frequency 3.985 GHZ, Rc,
without any sound carriers.

INTELSAT 703, 57 East, SATCO-DX: http://www.satcodx.com/i703.html
The test card on 11.650 GHz, Rc has dissapeared. The transponder is
powered down. Yesterday a brief test transmission could be observed of
an empty chair in front of a blue screen (for electronic background

The good picture quality received, with an actual much lower signal
level as on 11.550 GHz, H, with a quite sparkly picture, suggests that
both transponders are operated on different beams.

TURKSAT 1C, 42 East, SATCO-DX: http://www.satcodx.com/t1c.html
Transponder 12, 10.986 GHz, H, is active again since 23/01 with a
colorbar test card. The sound of TRT International Avrasya is heard on
6.60 MHz and TRT FM on 7.02 - 7.20 MHZ in stereo.

TURKSAT 1B, 31 East, SATCO-DX: http://www.satcodx.com/
A low level carrier can be observed on transponder 12, 10.965 GHz, H.
During the daytime a much stronger data transmission could be observed
by Nicholas Dandalis on Creta and a DX'r from Lebanon. Further reports
are welcome to my mailbox.

ARABSAT 1C, 31 East, SATCO-DX: http://www.satcodx.com/a1c.html
Marocco changed frequencies from 4.008 GHz, Rc to 3.918 GHz, Rc.
ASBU transmissions changed from 4.129 GHz, RC to 3.979 GHz, Rc.
An ART soccer feed could be observed at 3.845 GHz, Rc.
The frequencies from 3.600 to 3.800 are very active in both
polarizations with various kinds of data transmissions.

As the peak of the signal levels is comming from about 1 degree west of
the last stated position of the Arabsat 1C, some speculations have been
made, if transmissions are actually been transferred to the Arabsat 2B.

Reports from the Bahrain, Creta, Greece, Dubai, Slovenia and Sweden are
inconclusive and give no proof that this is the case. The signal level
is still similar to that of the Arabsat 1C, the picture and sound
quality has not drastically improved, especially RTM 1 Marocco is still
poor to very poor.

Let's wait untill latest satellite position data is received, to be sure
about which bird we are reporting. A sighting of an active Ku
transponder would help inmense.

ARABSAT 2A, 26 East, SATCO-DX: http://www.satcodx.com/a2a.html
Transponder 7, 12.646 GHz, H, has powered down yesterday, the colorbar
test card, including sound carriers dissapeared.

EUTELSAT II-f3, 16 East, SATCO-DX: http://www.satcodx.com/e2f3.html
Duna TV appeared yesterday only in the late afternoon on transponder 33,
11.596 GHz, H, after showing various test cards during the day. The
radio stations on the subcarriers have been broadcasting on-going.

HOT BIRD 2, 13 East, SATCO-DX: http://www.satcodx.com/hb2.html
The transmissions of Polonia 1 on transponder 53, 11.785 GHz, H, have
been switched to the widebeam, with excellent reception results in the
Middle East. In the night transmissions of the shopping channel "Top
Shop" could be observed by Mohamed El Nadi.

LBC-Sat, Lebanon and ART Europe are on-going sharing transponder 65,
12.015 GHz, H, as promotion for the Arabesque MPEG 2 package starting
around February 10th, during the festivities marking the end of Ramadan.

EUTELSAT II-f2, 10 East, SATCO-DX: http://www.satcodx.com/e2f2.html
Transponder 39, 11.659 GHz, was powered up again, however not to full
capacity, showing a dia announcing the change of RTP Interncaional to
Hot Bird 2, including all parameters. Comment: Better late then

Greek broadcaster ET-1 participated yesterday in a general strike.
Transmitted on transponder 33, 11.596 GHz,  was only a dia from 13:00 to
17:00 CET.

Today around 17:00 CET ET-1 had an almost complete loss of signal, most
probably due to weather influences.

INTELSAT 601, 27.5 West, SATCO-DX: http://www.satcodx.com/i601.html
After showing yesterday night a blueband test card and returning to the
text dia this morning, tonight a, quite shaky, new dia appeared.
It shows on the upper half of the screen the MULTICHOICE logo with
underneath DStv. The text below announces: Countdown begins... to the
best entertainment in Africa !

Comment: so, another Multichoice digital package for Africa ? Are they
leaving PAS 4 or is this additional ? Or is it only a promotional
channel ? I guess we will know more from the 1st of February...

PANAMSAT 3-R, 43 West, SATCO-DX: http://www.satcodx.com/pas3r.html
The transponder on 12.701 GHz, H identificated itself yesterday in a
NTSC on-screen message as "7EK" and the forementioned parameters.

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