LIST: Movies in original version on German/Italian tv (08/23-08/30)

Hi everybody,

while the walls between different countries become even higher in
the age of digital satellite tv (it is said you have to have an
address in the Netherlands to be able to buy a digital decoder to
receive the yet Luxcrypt coded channels), they lower concerning
this list and free tv. From now on (and hopefully for a long time)
Silvio Gordiani from Italy informs me about movies on Italian
satellite tv that fit into the concept of this list. A lot of thanks
belongs to him.

And I want to use that opportunity to appeal to all my readers from
Arabian speaking countries, France, Turkey and especially Poland to
contribute to this list or to make up one on their own!


List of movies on German and Italian satellite tv that come at least
on one audio channel in the original version:

August 23 - August 30 (time is Central Europe Summer Time)

Fr, August 23:

01:20   "The More the Merrier"; USA, 1943; black and white war comedy
RAITRE  starring Jean Arthur, Joel McCrea, Charles Coburn, directed
        by George Stevens; original version with Italian subtitles;
        104 min.

Sa, August 24:

00:15   Jazz: Duke Ellingtons Shakespeare Suite; World Music Meeting
SWF     Baden-Baden 1984; 90 min.

00:25   Buster Keaton: Laughing Prohibited (part 3 of 3); UK, 1987;
Bayern  documentary film; original version with German subtitles;
        50 min.

01:15   Space Night

02:00   European Jazz Ensemble: Anniversary; stereo; 85 min.

04:10   ABC World News Tonight; 20 min.

04:20   Alabama Special; recordings from this year's spring with
ARD     Fool's Garden, The Busters, Brings and others; 60 min.

12:00   In Concert: Simple Minds, part 2; stereo; 45 min.

12:45   Alabama In Concert: Luca Carboni; 30 min.

19:00   French & Saunders Go To The Movies (part 1 of 2); UK, 1995;
arte    movie parodies; original version with subtitles; 30 min.

20:45   The Woman Of Your Life (Die Frau deines Lebens), part 6;
arte    Spain, 1992; episode drama starring Emma Suarez, Enrique San
        Francisco; MIGHT be in Spanish somewhere; 50 min.

21:20   La Cenerentola; opera by Gioacchino Rossini performed at the
Bayern  Grand Opera, USA; original version with German subtitles;
        stereo; 16:9; 165 min.

21:50   SHE TV; USA, 1994; comedy series; original version with
tm3     German subtitles; 30 min.

23:55   Round Midnight: Torita Quick & Band; jazz, pop and gospel
WDR     performed in Cologne; stereo; 60 min.

Su, August 25:

00:05   Jazz: Piano Workshop Berlin '65; Albert Mangelsdorff, J. E.
SWF     Berendt: Asia Tour 1964; 90 min.

00:55   Power Vision - Pop Galery: Michael Jackson; documentary film
ZDF     [in German] of his whole career showing many clips of all
        decades; 95 min.

00:55   Piano Solo; with Roberto Di Giola; stereo; 25 min.

01:05   "American Friends"; UK, 1991; romantical comedy starring
arte    Michael Palin, Connie Booth, Trini Alvarado, directed by
        Tristam Powell; MIGHT be in English somewhere; 90 min.

01:20   Rock Palace; with Andreas Vollenweider (Loreley, 1992),
WDR     UB 40 (Loreley, 1982), John McLaughlin, Al Dimeola, Paco de
        Lucia (Loreley, 1981); stereo; 265 min.

01:25   Space Night

01:35   Without Filter: with John Mayall, Larry Graham, Ronny Jordan
ARD     and others; stereo; 45 min.

02:30   Viva Brazil - Jazz from South America; stereo; 45 min.

10:00   Babylon; tv magazine for foreigners; 60 min.

10:05   Blaubart; opera by J. Offenbach; stereo; 164 min.

14:15   "Alias Bulldog Drummond" (Bulldog Jack); UK, 1935; black and
WDR     white crime comedy starring Jack Hulbert, Ralph Richardson,
        Fay Wray, Claude Hulbert, directed by Walter Forde; 75 min.

19:00   French Slapsticks form 1907-14; original versions with
arte    subtitles; 30 min.

19:15   The Full Wax; UK; repeat from last Friday; talk show with
tm3     Ruby Wax; 30 min.

19:30   Maestro: Leonard Bernstein - Young People's Concert, part 5;
arte    USA, 1966; 60 min.

19:45   "Destry Rides Again" (Der grosse Bluff); USA, 1939; black and
WDR     white western starring Marlene Dietrich, James Stewart,
        Charles Winninger, directed by George Marshall; 90 min.

Mo, August 26:

00:20   Oprah Winfrey; talk show; 50 min.

01:25   Space Night

01:35   The Mirror With Three Casements (Der dreifluegelige Spiegel);
NDR     France; black and white silent movie; 50 min.

04:25   ABC World News Tonight; 20 min.

06:15   Oprah Winfrey; talk show; repeat; 50 min.

12:00   "Blossom", part 35; USA; comedy series; 25 min.

21:05   In Concert: Saga (1982); 25 min.

21:55   SHE TV; USA, 1994; comedy series; USED to be non-dubbed in
tm3     the past; 30 min.

22:40   The Taebaek Mountains; Korea, 1994; drama; original version
arte    with subtitles; 155 min.

Tu, August 27:

00:40   Oprah Winfrey; talk show; 50 min.

01:10   Space Night

04:20   ABC World News Tonight; 20 min.

06:45   Oprah Winfrey; talk show; repeat; 50 min.

12:00   "Blossom", part 36; USA; comedy series; 25 min.

22:40   Joe Cocker - Have A Little Faith; 1994; documentary film by
Bayern  Julian Cajdan; original version with German subtitles;
        55 min.

23:35   Music Summer: Barara-Dennerlein-Quartett; 55 min.

We, August 28:

00:00   Oprah Winfrey; talk show; 50 min.

00:20   Without Filter Extra: Johanna Connor; stereo; 60 min.

00:20   Without Filter Extra: Graham Central Station; stereo; 60 min.

01:00   Space Night

04:20   ABC World News Tonight; 20 min.

06:45   Oprah Winfrey; talk show; repeat; 50 min.

12:00   "Blossom", part 37; USA; comedy series; 25 min.

21:15   "The Big Combo" (Geheimring 99); USA, 1955; black and white
WDR     crime thriller starring Cornel Wilde, Richard Conte, Brian
        Donlevy, Jean Wallace, Lee van Cleef, directed by Joseph H.
        Lewis; 85 min.

21:40   Queen of Spades (Pique-Dame); opera by Peter Tchaikovsky;
arte    Glyndebourne, 1992; staged by Graham Vick; 170 min.

Th, August 29:

00:30   "Looks And Smiles"; UK, 1980; black and white drama starring
arte    Graham Green, directed by Ken Loach; original version with
        subtitles; 105 min.

00:50   Oprah Winfrey; talk show; 50 min.

01:15   Space Night

04:15   ABC World News Tonight; 25 min.

06:40   Oprah Winfrey; talk show; repeat; 50 min.

12:00   "Blossom", part 38; USA; comedy series; 25 min.

17:10   Without Filter Extra: James Taylor; stereo; 20 min.

23:45   Oprah Winfrey; talk show; 50 min.

Fr, August 30:

01:00   Space Night

03:30   ABC World News Tonight; 20 min.

07:00   Oprah Winfrey; talk show; repeat; 50 min.

12:00   "Blossom", part 39; USA; comedy series; 25 min.

13:59   JazzBaltica '96: Modern Jazz; 51 min.

21:40   Absolutely Fabulous; [I don't know what it is and if it's
tm3     in English, but it might be.]

23:00   Last Station: Paradise; UK, 1995; satire series; original
3sat    version with German subtitles; every Friday; 30 min.

23:30   Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: string quintet C-major; stereo;
Bayerm  40 min.

23:45   Jazz: John Coltrane; 30 min.


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- Space Night: see on Bayern's teletext page 398 for detailed
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- Because there are still four non-crypted music channels on
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- A note about 'arte': English movies sometimes have German
  subtitles on the Astra transponder and French subtitles on the
  Eutelsat transponder or are only French dubbed on the Eutelsat
  transponder or are only German dubbed on the Astra transponder
  and might be in the original version on Kopernikus 3, 7.02 MHz,
  or on Astra, 7.38 MHz.

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Frequencies of the tv stations:

ARD                    Astra 11494 h
ZDF                    Astra 10964 h
WDR (West 3)           Astra 11053 h
SWF (Suedwest 3)       Astra 11186 v
NDR (Nord 3)           Astra 11582 h
Bayern (Bayern 3)      Astra 11141 h
MDR (MDR 3)            Astra 11112 h
3sat                   Astra 11347 v
Super RTL              Astra 11391 h
VOX                    Astra 11273 h / Kopernikus_3 11602 v
RTL2                   Astra 11214 h / Eutelsat 11095 h
arte                   Astra 10714 h / Eutelsat 11080 v /
                                       Kopernikus_3 11548 v
SAT1                   Astra 11288 v / Kopernikus_2 11675 h, 12658 v
                                       Kopernikus_3 11475 h
tm3                    Eutelsat 11345 h
RAITRE                 Eutelsat 11532 v


Suggestions, comments and additions are always very welcome and

Lars Bergengruen                      bergen@unitas.or.uni-bonn.de

                                      Fido: 2:2453/30.7

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