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At 13:37 01.09.1997 +0300, you wrote:
>Dear Sir,
>This might be the dummiest question you ever received, but please wait
>and help ....
>Channel frequencies on the KU band are given in this format : 11,745 /
>But as you know receivers allow you to input 4 numbers only as frequency
>description :  like : 1547
>SO how do I map between five digit frequencies and the reciver, how do I
>enter 11,745 to the receiver ???
Ther are no dummy questions!
In order to get the four digits you have to know what local oszillator
frequency is used. It could be for the Ku-Band 10.0 or 9.75 GHz in low band.
If you got a 9.75 GHz LNB just take the given receiving frequency: 11.745
and subtract die LOH of 9.75.

This would be the four digits you have to enter. Much easier to convert is
the LOF of 10.0 GHz:


The same is with the high band. Twi differenr LOF´s are in use: 10.600 and
10.750 GHz. Again subtract the LOF from the given receiving frequency
(between 11.7 and 12.75 GHz).

For c-band the LOF is usually 5.150 GHz. But here you have to extract the
receiving frequency (say: 4.056 GHz) from the LOF:

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