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At 16:55 28.05.1997 +0300, you wrote:
>Hello ,
>I live in Cairo - Egypt, during my last trip to the UK I get a d-Box called
>Dream Box with S/W MC 2.1 (Refer to http://www.eurosat.com), it based on the
>Nokia 9500S, it work fine and get most of the Free-To-Air channels, the problem
>I can't get MultiChoice Hellas (Hot Bird 2 at 13,0°E MPEG-2 - enc SR 27500 FEC
>3/4 11,823 H Refer to http://www.satcodx.com/dig/mchellas.html) with the Dream
>Box , but I can get it with the Panasat 520 of our local MultiChoice Package
>called 1st Net. 
>Each time I set the Frequency , SR, FEC on the Antenna Adjustment and begin
>channel search , the d-Box list all the channel by name right and when you try
>to see anyone I get "No (or bad) signal" even for the channel promo which it is
>not encrypted. The signal quality is after the medium with one bar.
>This problem is also repeated with a MultiChoice package called 1st Net in our
>region (PAS 4 at 68,5°E MPEG-2 - IRDETO SR 19638 - FEC 7/8 11,524H Refer to
>This package consist of 4 TP , and the d-Box make the same error, it list all
>the channel but when you try to view you get the same message. I get this
>package with an IDRD Panasat 520 very well with same dish, LNB, smart card
>subscription and cable (as soon as the MultiChoice Hellas I get it with that
>Panasat). I Reverse vice versa the IRDETO CAM the same situation the Panasat
>520 work and the d-Box fail.
>I appreciate you help to solve this problem, or you suggest any one that can
>help me.
>Khaled Eweis

Sorry, I am not familar with the "dream-box" from the UK. I just tried to
get Filmnet Hellas via Hotbird with the Mascom 9200 and I got it. Try a
differenr bandwidth: 24!
Good Luck
Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine (http://www.TELE-satellit.com)
Producer of drdish@tv, Europe´s first satellite info-channel

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