Re: RCA DirecTV equip. in Germany?

>Helllo Dr Dish
>                     I'm getting station it Germany in November and I am
trying to find out how & who i can get service over there.  I have a RCA
Directv dish will it work out there??? 
>Thank You for your assistance
>Country: usa
As your e-mail-name is saying: yes, you are a poor-boy, because you can
leave everything at home. Ususally I do not recommend the cheap offers of
the local large stores. But in your case - and if you are staying in Germany
for a certain period - I would buy a cheap ASTRA (its the European
DTH-Network)-set. Receiver, Dish and LNB may cost you abot US$ 150,- + plus
some moeney for the cable and something for the installer (but you can do it
by yourselfs). For this money you get about 30 free to air analogue
channels. Partly in english. If you know somebody in the United Kingdom and
he or she is willing to provide with a proper Sky-card, you will get around
20 additional channels of the Sky-Network. All in the english language with
movies, sports and general entertainment. This card is not available
official in Germany, but you will find offers for a higher price on the grey
Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine (http://www.TELE-satellit.com)
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