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At 20:40 14.03.1997 +0100, you wrote:
>Every month I am eagerly waiting for your live programme to see and hear
the latest news in the satellite TV world, but unfortunately I do not know
German and cannot understand the eagerly awaited news from you. Even at this
moment I am watching your live programme. Is it not possible to have a
parallel sound track translated to English speaking viewers.I am sure there
may be thousands of other satellitte fans like me for such a service.
>My question and problem :
>My system is Echostar 8700,  1.8m dish with Chaparral Corroter II Plus for
C band and full Ku band . With this setup I can pickup all satellites from
85 deg East to 45 deg West. Unfortunately now more and more channels are
Digital  MPEG-2.
>I would be much gratefull to you if you can give some hints about how I can
upgrade my system to receive digital TV in MPEG-2 without buying everything
new .I heard of the NOKIA D-BOX   but I would prefer something from
Echostar  if they are planning anything in the near future for such
upgrading. Can my existing C band and Ku band converters be used for such a
>With regards.
>R.B.Ratnayake  Gdansk POLAND

We are working very hard on a solution to satisfy viewers which do not used
to understand the german language. A second audio carrier is fine, but at
this moment much too expensive, since we are working on a low budget. So, in
April or May we will have a co-presenter from the UK and people like you
will understand much more then now.
As always, my advice is take you time in buying a digital receiver. A better
solution is already in sight: the new Nokia 9200S (see in-sat from march 17)
is able to receive free to air digital tv in SCPC and MCPC and transfers
each found channel to a choosen place in the channel memory. You can sort
this memory for channel-names, satellites or languages. As you prefer. This
receiver is a easy to use device (says Nokia) and I will test a unit, if
Rumours about a external digital decoder for the LT 8700 are around for a
long time, but no confirmation from Echostar yet. We are sure something is
happend inside the Echostar labs, because it is unusual quite inside this
usual busy company. Should the long awaited dual-receiver be born in Almelo?
Just some noisy thinking on my part.
Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine (http://www.TELE-satellit.com)
Producer of drdish@tv, Europe´s first satellite info-channel

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