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At 21:00 18.03.1997 +0200, you wrote:
>First of all I'd like to congratulate you on the excellent satellite
>magazine you publish and the very informative lists you maintain. 
>Second I have a question to make:
>Most EBU channels at 7 degrees E, are used by EBU thar are SIS encoded. The
>encoding includes only the sound or also the picture? I mean that although
>no sound can be heard and the picture is "almost" clear, many times I
>notice a "shaking" picture. Is it part of the encoding or it's just my
>I have also found some pirate decoders for EBU channels. Before I buy any
>of these, which by the way I'll order them in Britain while i am located in
>Greece, I'd like to ask if there are any legal decoders for these channels,
>besides the ones that TV stations use.
>Thank you...
>Panagiotis Tatinas
There no legal SiS-decoders available. And if you could get one, the price
would be very high. The shaking of the picture is normal. To receive just
video, you can use a very old Filmnet pirate-decoder and re-adjust them.
Another method - which works only on few tv-sets - would be to choose one
empty teletext page (only the first line contains data) and switch from here
directly back to the AV-channel with the satellite signal. The teletext
decoder works then as a sync-generator.
If you buy a SiS-decoder, use the unit on widest bandwidth of the receiver.
32 Mhz would be better then 26 MHz. Otherwise a crackling noise will appear,
but will be less strong if you tune carefully to the centerfrequency of the
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