Re: Free Dutch Television

We received this mail from Dirk and will pass it on to our readers. A dutch
version of this text reached allready to media in the Netherlands. The
following piece is a private opinion and not part of our editorial work.

>Dear Satellite and Media Freak,
>This mail is primarly intended for Dutch Viewers in whole Europe but
everyone who
>has suggestion is welcome to give any input.
>Since the change from analog to digital by the 4 commercial Dutch tv
channels it is impossible for viewers from outside the Netherlands to look
these programs. Because of the also limited time avialible for Radio
Netherlands with their Zomer TV program it is frustated for all the european
viewers to catch Television form the Netherlands. 
>My intension is to push Multichoice to make all the real Dutch programs
(Dutch News, dutch weather, Dutch Documentary, Dutch Soap) free avialible on
a digital receiver. In the past we had the same situation (without a
luxcrypt decoder you where able to look to these programs as soon as a US or
German Film starts the decoder starts working). This means that all the US
soaps will still be encrypted because of legal right in Europe. For me this
is o.k. because nearly every country has option to receive that programs
localy (Germany=Premiere and DF1; Sweden=filmnet and TV1000, UK=Sky; French
Cable +, Switzerland= Teleclub; etc.etc.etc)
>Nobody doesn't hurt this so;
>- everyone in the Netherlands are free to get cards so multichoice doesn't lose
> market share
>- everyone outside the Netherlands who is interested in the culture ( ;-)) of
> Holland is able to watch this Dutch speaking. 
>Because a lack of a kind of Programms as Deutsche Welle or BBC World it is
important to have free channels in the Netherlands. With the
Digital-receivers avialible in europe it 
>For Multichoice does this mean that they doesn't need to send any
smartcards within europe.
>I hope everyone who is interested to help me to get Dutch Channels free
will send me mail (e-mail or postmail). For me it is an real principle
reason to start this action, therefore the money it needs it secondary and I
will go as far as needed. So maybe we will meet each other at the Human
Court in the Centre of Europe (Strassbourg)
>Please send me as much as mail as possible so that I will be able the send
a petition by the end of april with more then 10000 reactions.
>Please mail me on the following ways
>e-mail (prefered)
>P.O. Box 599
>NL-5700 AN Helmond
>The Netherlands
>a European Citizen
Christian Mass (Dr.Dish)
Editor of TELE-satellite magazine (http://www.TELE-satellit.com)
Producer of drdish@tv, Europe´s first satellite info-channel

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