Re: MPEG1.5 & PowerVu

At 09:26 09.03.1997 -0400, you wrote:
>  I noticed a couple of unencrypted MPEG1.5 PowerVu channels out there,
>is it possible to buy a universal digital receiver that can receive all
>these channels without having to subsc to each one indivisually.
>abdul mutrib

You did not write on which satellite you found the MPEG 1.5 signals in
PowerVu, but it could be one of the Orbit-packages. No chance, even if got a
Scientific Atlanta PowerVu-Receiver. Orion-Feeds are sometimes in PowerVu
and free and sometimes the german d-box or other converted NOKIA receivers
could do the job, but would say this receivers are universal. Some companies
are developing some kind of universal receiver, but how to get the right
Conditional Access Module (CAM)? If you try IRDETO in the Netherlands, they
ignore your request. That is only one of the problems to get a real
universal reveiver working. It is not the  missing knowledge of a
manufacurer, but a lot of burocracy to deal with. You have to wait for the
large exhibtions like the Dubai-show, Cable and Satellite and maybe the
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